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This white man just said to me, “your braids look great!” & I almostttt wrote it off as a typical white man “LOVIN’ THE HAIR!!” comment LOL. Come to find out he and his wife just moved from ATL & she’s looking for a braider & he’s being a good hubby looking out. That’s love.

@RepSwalwell  OMG he is delish and I think you should keep the hair. I love it. Wait until he's older and says he wants a haircut. I was so sad when my son decided to get a short cut from his long surfer dude 'do!

Love is in the air don't be scared just run your fingers through my hair if you dare and let's take a walk on the beach and listen to a love song. amreading *shortstories *bookclubs *coauthor *marthaperez0609

I love this lady so much. And she makes my hair pretty too. ♥️ @Samantha_Leahh 

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I like the beauteous flower in your hair I don't go to parties I don't drink whiskey I had a dog name Affidavit To love you and be wise exceeds my might I'd need a lawyer to keep my money I like Mozart Picasso Classical Pop Rap R&B Country The words of love feedeth those in love.

Waits...the time is right please don't say no I won't leave until I see the morning sun, shine on your pretty hair I need you desperately I'll sit here and wait on Love #TomWait  Waits... I'll just explode in ecstasy GIF via *ladoodle_pwalla *BerryYNWA

We all love to eat rice, but did you know that rice water is full of vitamins & nutrients and is great for your skin as well as hair? Take a look! @sohilabajaj 

I waited for you like you said I can't live another day without you I imagine u standing in the mirror combing your long pretty hair I look deep into your eyes and realize how much I really love you... You look wonderful tonight MG *BerryYNWA


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What is accomplishing is amazing! First K-pop group in the Top 10 #Hot100  I spent the day jammin to as I g #FakeLovet  ready for the premiere! The love I have for them & K-pop takin over the USA is real. Watch my homemade fierce music video scene & hair flip! #ARMY 

finding a new love for my natural hair 🌈👸🏽🌀✨

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hahaha. look who left their twitter open by mistake! priceless. I LOVE JUSTIN. He is the greatest. I wish i had more hair

If you can buy a gift certicate from a local small business—a restaurant or a toy store or a hair salon—now is a good time to do so. Small acts of kindness, of love in our communities, repeated a million times over, that’s how we will make it through together.

i love when i see my little sister come home from school with dirt all over her knees, her hair in knots, her cheeks red and her forehead sweaty from playing- on social media we see unrealistic standards for beauty everyday (read more here) ?

I think the saying goes "Big Hair, Don't Care" and that sounds about right. You shouldn't care what other people think. Love yourself for who you are.

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@wtfxharold thank you I love the end bit the most if I had really long hair is rock out hard

Love how no one questions that I have a different hair color in our artworks then I do now

We both know you have no eyes for anything but your precious hair in the dressing room ? Just kidding! Love you too bro ?

I love when people play with my hair