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hahahaMark Zuckerberg is trying to save face on the fact that Facebook steals *every idea any competitor every gets success with* by implying that the concept of a "feed" was stolen from Facebook by its competitors

@marty  Hahaha. I've spent way too much time staring at your desktop site over the years. I feel like it was made for me. Vibes for dayz. Playlists are regulars too. TIL you have an app. Leveled up.

Joe Biden’s stormtroopers fucking the press up left and right in Brooklyn Center. Hahaha 🤣🌶

Hahahahahaha I remember you sneezed in Berlin and I was like, I want to sample that actually hahaha

Hahaha 🤣! CNN and some Harvard#Baizuo  are big mad about the Iowa Capitol incident.

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Hahaha I see you’re all suddenly experts on whether the public communications from regulatory agencies constitute clear explanations of what they are doing and why just based on your status as an adult citizen who can read the English language.

Hahaha, this quote from @RebeccaKKatz  about how Cynthia Nixon surely won the majority of votes from people who know Cuomo personally is the political version of Brian Eno’s about how only 10,000 people bought the first VU album but they all started bands.

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Happy BIRTHDAY to my little big bro SWEEEEEEET T! Big 30 baby hahaha LETS GOOOOO and love you buddy!! #birthday  #goodtimes  #brother  #thebest  #igdaily 

His nan text him "gun out now", to which the liar replied: "Hahaha it’s not real nan x"

@67Dodge  @FossGregfossI  @ArthurCSalzer  @MikePhilbrick99s  @matlitaliena  @JonChevreauw  @StockTrades_CA  @myownadvisorthat  video a few weeks ago and I thought about you ;-) hahaha! God this guy is the funniest Canadian alive :-)


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@Harry_Styles hahaha I am being slowly seduced by your curls

Im unbelievably tired ! Wana cry hahaha

Niall day hahaha. What's this about ? What did I do now ?

@1DwwaupdatesWW : MORE OF NIALL CRYING. I CANT TAKE YHIS. My heART HURTS. BABY -A it was sweat not tears hahaha.

Didn't realise @Ashton5SOS  was Gona be a ball boy at the US open this year.. Hahaha#djokovicVbautistaagut 

Holy fuck ! @ufc  @RondaRousey  , this woman is the complete athlete / person! Pleasure to watch ! For all of 34 seconds hahaha

Happy birthday to my big brother @greghoran87  , well some would beg to differ but! Hahaha#happybirthdaygreg 

Hahaha No problem genie .. Nice to meet you ... X