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So many ways to establish a character is someone's sister - have her reference "Dad". Have a kid call her "Aunt whatever". Or just let viewers wonder for a page or two. Writing "Hi, sis" as the 1st line of a scene is pulling a filth-smeared ripcord when you're still in the plane.

Worst thing hoes say to me is “you sell pussy” and these the same broads giving it away for FREE with kids outta wedlock baby daddy no where in sight but go off sis 🥴

Mr. Goel, a 36-year-old whole­sale dealer in In­dia’s Ut­tar Pradesh, says he will never vote for Mr. Modi’s party again. “He could have pre­vented this cri­sis. He didn’t care for us…I will never for­give Modi for his ne­glect, for his in­dif­fer­ence.”

Thanks sis, big love! 💕💕

"Honestly … in 2021, how can it be that Black-owned businesses are still twice as likely to be rejected for a loan?" @Phil_Gaskin  #SIS21 

"How can it be that women are 60% less likely to secure funding than men when pitching the same business?" @Phil_Gaskin  #SIS21 

Egypt committed to international obligations, SIS head on MENAFTAF report


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Punjab | Posters of Khalistani separatist Jarnail Bhindranwale, and Khalistani flags seen during an event inside Sri Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple) in Amritsar, on the 37th anniversary of Operation Blue Star today

Prayed at Gurudwara Sis Ganj Sahib today. We can never forget the life, ideals and supreme sacrifice of Sri Guru Teg Bahadur Ji.

This morning, I prayed at the historic Gurudwara Rakab Ganj Sahib, where the pious body of Sri Guru Teg Bahadur Ji was cremated. I felt extremely blessed. I, like millions around the world, am deeply inspired by the kindnesses of Sri Guru Teg Bahadur Ji.

2020 we are tired sis!!!! TIRED!! T I R E D

Pregnancy during Covid has been a unique experience! While it’s also been challenging, I’m truly grateful to be surrounded by my family during this time. So proud of these beautiful photos taken by My Hubby@DangeRussWilson , and my Sis in Law @TheAnnaWilson  @BritishVoguefor  . ❤️

Thank you so much @Beyonce  I am soooooooo humbly grateful?? you are a GEM! Lol the box was so big I was scared to open I thought a whole human was gonna jump out??? but this FYE sis?? #IVYPARK  I LOVE IT!

Thanks to my sis Aunjanue Ellis for sharing this gorgeous video with me. The Black People’s “Happy Birthday” for #BreonnaTaylor . Sounds beautiful. I know she hears it. May we not have to sing in absence of our sisters and brothers. But in their presence. Living fully + joyfully.

Hundreds of migrant workers and daily wage earners have taken shelter under a bridge on the banks of the Yamuna. For over a week they are living on one meal a day provided by a Gurudwara nearby. Pictures: @arvindgunasekar 

I hear you, sis. But I don’t think any streamer will let me make a 100-part documentary - unfortunately.