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Babar Qadri was shot on Thursday evening at his home in Srinagar by unidentified gunmen, police said.

3 masked gunmen involved in dealership shooting in #Bronx . Police are looking for the suspects

Four relatives killed in Heritage Day shooting: Four people are dead after unknown gunmen opened fire on a family in Browns Farm, Cape Town, Western Cape police said on Friday.

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District-Level NDS Head in Kapisa Killed by Unknown Gunmen#Afghanistan 

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Occupants of a Glen Park Apartments unit told Bridgeton police two masked gunmen broke into their bedroom and stole $700.


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Literally as he says this, pro-regime gunmen are prowling the streets of Louisville harassing dissidents.

The way this works is that a loud group of protesters angrily heckling an elected official on a public street is abhorrent and threatening, but masked gunmen menacing legislators inside the state capitol is peaceful protest.

When gunmen shot and killed 20-month old Davell Gardner in Brooklyn, the Democratic Mayor of New York continued to cut a billion dollars out of the police budget. Radical left madness kills people and destroys cities.

I've covered violent street protests in Caracas & Rio. Never felt as threatened as last night in Albuquerque At one point an armed militia member taunted me for working at the NYT. No police were in sight. Why did authorities cede control of the scene to extremist gunmen?

It's now a matter of fact, not opinion, that the President of the USA will condemn a black footballer for a peaceful protest and praise white gunmen terrorising an elected politician. In his own country. Tell me again about those 'economic concerns'.

Another senseless murder of an innocent American by armed gunmen in Mexico, this time a 13 year-old boy. The Senate should pass my cartel designation bill to give POTUS more tools to crack down on the violent cartels and protect U.S. citizens.

Trump wants gunmen armed w semi-automatic rifles in every single public place - every school, church, synagogue, shopping mall, restaurant. The rest of us want to keep dangerous weapons away from dangerous people. His idea works in action movies. Our idea works in real life.

Africa's youngest billionaire has been kidnapped by gunmen in a Tanzania luxury hotel

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BREAKING: At least 5 people were killed after gunmen opened fire at a mosque in Quebec City.

A rose placed in a bullet hole on a Paris restaurant where gunmen opened fire reading: "In the name of what?"

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