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Baltimore Police received police tip via TV reporter that Gun Trace Task Force ringleader was robbing citizens in 2015, well before federal investigation surfaced

Testifying today before the state Gun Trace Task Force reform commission: Former BPD commissioner Anthony Batts, who has kept a low public profile since he was fired in 2015. Stream:

Gun Trace Task Force commission members upset at BPD comments abt not having enough resources: Robey: "It’s almost criminal to go into this discussion & find these shortcomings & hear the words, ‘We don’t have the resources.' If they think this is important, they have to do it."

(The officer, Sgt. Carl Cicchetti, was accused during Gun Trace Task Force trial of tipping off the officers to federal investigation. He was just asked by a defense attorney about Det. Craig Jester, who he said is no long a task force officer and has been suspended for a year)

Baltimore Police internal affairs received a tip that Gun Trace Task Force ringleader Wayne Jenkins was robbing drug dealers more than a year before he was charged by the FBI with committing robberies, according to a new court filing.

Baltimore's city solicitor says that as many as 20 cases related to the Gun Trace Task Force scandal have been settled. No dollar figures have been disclosed.

Happening now: State Gun Trace Task Force commission is discussing proposal to create new police internal discipline "charging committee" - 4 of 5 seats would be held by people outside of the police department, including a civilian and member of public defender's office

Former Baltimore Police deputy commissioner Palmere, who hasn't spoken publicly since retirement in 2018, to be interviewed by Gun Trace Task Force commission this afternoon:

Commission investigating Gun Trace Task Force shares some recommendations, hears testimony about Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill of Rights


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Crazy testimony in federal court just now by former Detective Maurice Ward, outlining illegal tactics used by Gun Trace Task Force Officers ...

Filed: A federal judge in Baltimore stepped off the bench to apologize to 2 men who spent years in federal prison for drugs allegedly planted by corrupt officer. “I’m afraid this is not over yet,” judge says of Gun Trace Task Force case

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NEW: Ex-Baltimore police officer who worked with corrupt Gun Trace Task ForceSgt Wayne Jenkins in 2013 recently admitted to FBI they he stole, lied in affidavits, used illegal electronic surveillance, per doc I obtained from California...

A young detective eager to work with the leader of Gun Trace Task Force recalls being taken for a ride where the sergeant tested his willingness to steal from drug dealers. When he objected, he was transferred

I realize that Trump sucks up all the oxygen, but this corruption case is an A-1 story. A gun-trace task force was basically criminalizing black men at random. Read , then follow the essential reporting of .

Role reversal: Drug dealers take the stand in court against Baltimore police officers, outlining robberies as government witnesses with immunity. My latest from the Gun Trace Task Force trial:

Unlawful "sneak and peek" searches, use of illegal GPS devices, stolen dirtbikes and looted drugs among the crimes Gun Trace Task Force supervisor admits to in guilty plea

BREAKING: Federal prosecutors say indicted Gun Trace Task Force Officer planted drugs on a suspect in 2010 and set up Det. Suiter to find them

He was going to offer testimony against officers who have been indicted in the Gun Trace Task Force case, in a years-old incident