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In pictures: Stunning#aerial  pictures of beautiful terraced rice fields of southwest #China 's Guizhou Province and east China's Jiangxi Province.

This bridge in Pingtang county in Guizhou, China boasts the world's highest concrete bridge tower

Fanjing Mountain, located in southwest China's Guizhou Province, is a sacred mountain in Chinese Buddhism and has been inscribed on World Heritage List in 2018.

LIVE: Ancient paper-making, wax-resist dyeing... Follow us for a tour in Danzhai County in Guizhou, China, where intangible cultural heritages have helped residents rise above poverty

Pingtang Bridge, a colossal cable-supported viaduct with a span of 2,135 meters, is the world’s highest concrete bridge tower in southwest China's Guizhou Province. The bridge opened to traffic on December 30, 2019.

More than 600 hectares of red chilli peppers are ready to be harvested in Anlong County, SW China’s Guizhou Province. #harvest 

Roller-coaster-like interchange: Located in #Guiyang , SW China's Guizhou Province, Qianchun Interchange is famous for its sophisticated design that might sometimes make drivers get lost.

Local authorities of Haique Village in Guizhou have put great efforts into developing homestay tourism and greenhouse mushroom cultivation as a way to help locals shake off poverty.

In pics: People of the Zhuang minority celebrated Tuesday the Water Festival in the Congjiang County of SW #China 's Guizhou Province to show the charm of their intangible cultural heritage.


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Stunning aerial view of a giant bridge supported by high piers in mountains of Guizhou, China. #AmazingChina 

A 24-story wooden building constructed without a single nail by ethnic Shui people in China's Guizhou

Exam is coming. What should I do? A cute boy in Guiyang, SW China's Guizhou province, goes viral for trying to “put” knowledge into his brain.

The largest Telescope in the world, a mile in circumference, is no longer in the USA. It’s in the Guizhou province of China. So when Aliens say “Hi”, the first humans to receive their signal will be Chinese Astrophysicists.

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Fanjing Mountain in Southwest China's Guizhou province has been included as one of the 28 destinations and experiences for the year of 2019 by National Geographic Traveler magazine

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More signs #China  wants to return to normal. Schools to start reopening next week. Qinghai province to stagger start dates from Mar 11 to 20. Guizhou province says schools to reopen Mar 16. (These areas very few cases of #coronavirus .)

Astonishing, right?? It looks like a crazy Hot Wheels track, but this is an actual overpass in Guiyang, the capital of SW China's Guizhou province.

570 meters above valley! World’s highest bridge in SW China's Guizhou ready to open for #Shanghai –Kunming High-Speed Railway

Another engineering marvel: world's highest bridge opened to traffic in #China 's Guizhou Thu. Beipanjiang Bridge is 565M above river valley.