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Vinay Menon: In this context, $1,750 Gucci jeans with fake grass stains are not just a luxury oddity. They are more proof the world is coming apart at the seams.

#Gucci debuts 'grass-stained' jeans for whopping Rs 1 lakh; leaves netizens in stitches

#Trending Today 📌 Pinterest saw a spike in downloads amid iOS14's launch 🗳️ Saks Fifth Avenue offering voter registration at flagship store 👖 Gucci's selling $1400 jeans with a grass-stained look @seemacnbc  joins @SullyCNBC  with more!

Gucci selling denim overalls with 'grass stain effect' for $1,400

Top international brand @gucci  price for grass-stained jeans and overalls raise eyebrows

Gucci is selling a pair of $1,200 jeans that appear to be pre-stained with grass, presumably for customers with deep pockets who want to pull off a down-to-earth look, without actually getting dirty.​

Gucci criticized on social media for $1,200 ‘grass-stained’ jeans

Charlotte wants a Gucci bag, apparently.

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Gucci to sell jeans with grass stains. For $1,200.


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I'm a fucking pimp, rocking all white Gucci mink, and without me, this whole fucking ship sink

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It’s Gucci Season!? Watch our new campaign for Gucci Guilty. Had a blast making this with Jared and thanks to Alessandro Michele for his super cool direction. #foreverguilty 

AOC's nutty comment that rioters and looters were just "shoplifting some bread" makes one wonder why no one looted a bakery? Why Gucci, Louis Vuitton, & Tiffany's? Are the bread-seeking looters that dumb or is it AOC? (Clue: I think we know!)

A guest to the #GucciCruise19  show, #Kai  from wore a wool check suit and V-neck sweater over a striped shirt, leather slides with NY Yankees™ embroidery from by . See w #GucciFW18o  a #AlessandroMicheletended  the show . Gucci / MLBP

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keep the snakes away from me unless they gucci

Made it down for Gucci n Keyshia wedding.

Gucci Mane announces his collaboration with Gucci coming in 2020.

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Championship rings aren't the only thing we play for. gucci'>Congrats Gucci on the engagement! #TrueToAtlanta  #ThisIsWhyWePlay 

Retweet and Gucci Parfums will donate $2 to Chime projects that support girls and women. #chimein 

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