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As the mental health crisis in the U.S. grows, treatment providers are racing to keep up with the demand for care. Developers have been rapidly adding psychiatric hospitals, addiction recovery centers and other behavioral health clinics.

We guess someone heard that we have an open police officer exam🤣 He's a bit below our hiring age, but we'd love to have him join the NYPD when he grows up. Want to make a difference in NYC? Take the police officer exam. Go to , or call 212-RECRUIT.

Drug addict fell to his death from 7th storey flat trying to escape CNB arrest: Coroner

RT @bqprime : The yield on the 10-year bond closes flat at 7.21%. #BQMarkets  Read all #stockmarket  updates: https:…

The oval-shaped, flat creatures with tiny blue tentacles may look like little jellyfish but are in fact hydroids called Velella velella, more commonly known as “by-the-wind sailors.”

RT @ExpressUSNews : Kate and William 'show they are stronger together' even as the Princess grows in 'power'

Germany to shut final three nuclear power plants as concern over green energy targets grows

As the Supreme Court “arrogates more and greater power to itself, and grows both distant from and contemptuous of public opinion, it naturally attracts flatterers and intriguers,” @jbouie  writes.

📺 Flat screen TVs. 🗣 Voice activated doors. 🪙 The Euro! Get ready for some very prescient predictions from a 1974 edition of Blue Peter.


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BREAKING: @elonmusk  says he would reverse Trump's suspension from Twitter and called the ban "morally wrong" and "flat out stupid."

Dear Science Deniers, (Anti-vaxers, anti-maskers, climate hoaxers, flat-Earthers, etc) You found one another & communicate via stupefyingly advanced technologies that pivot on the discoveries of scientists. Just thought I’d remind you of that fact. Sincerely, Your Smart Phone

The Earth is not flat, it’s a hollow globe & Donkey King lives there!

"I hope that my 13-year-old son grows up to be just as amazing as they are." Rahul Dubey opened his home to nearly 70 strangers overnight and sheltered them during D.C.'s curfew. He says our country needs people like THEM. FULL INTERVIEW:

Usually when we see people in unmarked cars forcibly grab someone off the street we call it kidnapping — what is happening now in Portland should concern everyone in the US. These actions are flat-out unconstitutional and will not go unanswered.

And so the Christmas list grows...

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“This is a flat out lie. They (the media) are making things up” @CharlesHurt  @IngrahamAngle  The Lamestream Media is out of control. It would be impossible to fully explain how dishonest they are!

I don’t just wear locs. They are a part of me. A gift to me. They mean something to me. So to watch this young man’s ordeal, wrecked me. The criminalization of what grows from him. The theft of what was his. Two hours of calls w/ officials yesterday. Two hours of heartache.