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Reusable Bags Allowed Again In Massachusetts Grocery Stores

The grocery chain said customers will no longer receive coins as change thanks to a shortage attributed to the coronavirus pandemic.

Him: I got in a fender bender, coming out of the grocery store. Me: Everything's intact? Him: I'm fi... Me: Chips, cookies, stuff like that?

SIGN CONTROVERSY: A sign on a grocery store in Union County is causing controversy by questioning the usefulness of wearing masks and criticizing members of the LGBTQ community.

Reusable bags allowed again in Mass. grocery stores #7NEWS 

The new service coordinates Morris County seniors and residents with disabilities with volunteers who will grocery shop for them.

Canadians are travelling much less, while grocery-buying is up

What would grocery shopping without coin change look like? @kroger  is testing that out, offering options like loading change onto loyalty cards or rounding up for charity.

No more coins back as change at Kroger. The grocery chain says it will temporarily stop giving change amid a coin shortage blamed on the pandemic.

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Do you work at a grocery store, pharmacy, small retail shop or restaurant in the @CityOfBoston ? 🚴 You can get a FREE 90-day pass for @Hubway . Learn more and sign up: 🚲

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This lady is a nurse in Tennessee. She just left the grocery - it’s chaos - and she’s tired. “Y’all, there are so many stupid people in this world...”🤣😭💀

Yell or spit at anyone right now - much less in a grocery - and you get what you get...

During this crisis, our grocery store clerks, delivery drivers, transit and utility workers—along with so many others—have been selflessly getting up every day to make sure we have the things we need. And for that, we say thank you.

Say it with me: Nurses are ALWAYS essential. Farm workers are ALWAYS essential. Postal workers are ALWAYS essential. Grocery store workers are ALWAYS essential. Truckers are ALWAYS essential. First responders are ALWAYS essential. Billionaires are not.

To the people who seem to think they’re invincible: You’re not. So go home and stay home. You’re not just putting yourself at risk, you’re putting others at risk too - nurses and doctors, grocery store workers, your grandparents, and so many others. #StayAtHomeSaveLives 

I fucking hate grocery store check out screens asking me if I want to donate $20 to end child hunger or whatever. You’re a $10 billion corporation. I’m using a coupon to get 50 cents off a bag of potatos. Why don’t YOU donate $20 to end child hunger

Thank you to the medical professionals, grocery store employees, delivery drivers, pharmacy workers, mail carriers, firefighters, police, nursing home employees, and everyone else who is working to save lives and keep us all going right now. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

A word of caution to the filthy people purposely spitting & coughing in the faces of grocery clerks, law enforcement, & others: cease & desist this horrible behavior! Not everybody is going to be nonviolent! Just stop it!

So @realDonald Trump calls himself a “wartime president.” Well, every “wartime president” visited the front lines of a battlefield. Why can’t Trump visit a hospital and thank nurses? Or root on a shift change at a grocery store? Visit a gravesite? Why not? It’s always about him.

This tweet is for all the healthcare workers, emergency workers, grocery store workers and more who are doing so much to help us through. We see you and we love you.