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Thinking about this, a lot of banks have ended up regretting and trying to scrap abbreviations and portmanteaus that have gained traction, like Morgan Stanley and the “Fragile Five”, Citi with “Grexit”, and everyone with the PIGS.

Not hyperbole "after a decade in which EU has bounced from one crisis to another, from the threat of Grexit to the reality of Brexit, the decisions to be taken over the coming weeks will be a defining moment for the European project" via @FinancialTimes 

Greece's economy is experiencing solid growth at a time when much of Eurozone is slowing. It has now reached a historic milestone, seeing its borrowing costs reach record lows. A slap to the face of all those who advocated for Grexit a few years back.

Tory MP on the radio in London says phrase “Get Brexit done” will go down in history. Amusing to remember “Brexit” is a derivative of the jokey neologism “Grexit.” Language is fun.

Johnson election victory propels Britain towards swift Brexit | And how will this affect the EU, which is on the verge of serious debt/bank problems. Is Germany the next to exit EU? GREXIT??

@nchrysoloras  @donaldtuskT  @eucopresidentusk  loves that anecdote, but that night of 12-7-15 was mostly kabuki over terms of surrender. Grexit highly unlikely by then, real decisions taken earlier that week...


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A friend forecasts: Grexit. Departugal. Italeave. Fruckoff. Czechout. Oustria. Finish. Slovlong. Latervia. Byegium. EU shrinks to Germlonely

Le Pen abandons Frexit, Greeks turn against Grexit. No one seems to want to copy Brexit...

This is Merkel's & Schäuble's #Grexit  paper. It was not even worth more than one page. What a historical mistake!

(2/3) in other words the exact same situation as for 6 months. But Germans now openly pushing for Grexit, IMF for debt relief, EU paralysed

German officials privately admit: if they can't force #Grexit , they'll make Greeks suffer to crush Tsipras & keep other countries in line

"It seems to me the offer as it stands.. is designed to produce voluntary #Grexit  " @paulmasonnews  on #GreeceCrisis 

grexit'>Schauble Grexit proposal has been leaked = it is off the table. I cannot believe such an improvised / insulting to the FR position was real

Upsum. There is no Greek default. No Grexit. The Greeks voted for Europe, against austerity. Liquidity critical. ECB has to make next move.