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Greensill inquiry: David Cameron and founder to give evidence to MPs

Britain's former prime minister David Cameron and financier Lex Greensill will face long-awaited questions from lawmakers next week about claims of improper government lobbying, parliament said Friday

Greensill inquiry: David Cameron and founder to give evidence to MPs

David Cameron and Lex Greensill will be questioned by MPs next week over the Greensill Capital lobbying and financial scandal

David Cameron and financier Lex Greensill are due to appear before MPs next week

David Cameron and Lex Greensill to appear before MPs

Greensill inquiry: David Cameron and founder to give evidence to MPs

David Cameron and Lex Greensill will appear before MPs to account for the failure of Greensill Capital and its lobbying of Government before it imploded. @batsub1  reports

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This is the person appointed by Johnson to undertake the review of David Cameron’s behaviour in relation to Greensill. I leave it to you to judge his suitability.

Matt Hancock’s former pub landlord WhatsApped him & later secured a £30m Covid contract. David Cameron lobbied Rishi Sunak on behalf of Greensill. Reports that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman lobbied Boris Johnson over the sale of Newcastle United. All of it stinks.

@RachelReevesMP  on #Marr  raises an important point. Rishi Sunak set up 10 meetings for Greensill with Treasury officials after David Cameron’s lobbying. Where were the meetings for the 3 million excluded from the government’s financial support?

Confused by the Greensill scandal? 1️⃣David Cameron was Tory PM 2️⃣Then he went to Greensill 3️⃣Greensill wanted into Covid loan schemes 4️⃣Cameron messaged Rishi Sunak 5️⃣Rishi “pushed” his team to help 6️⃣Greensill got into a Covid loan scheme It’s not complex - it’s just sleaze.

- one misunderstanding around Cameron-Greensill is the idea that the lobbying registrar “cleared” him - nope it merely concluded that his activities were beyond its scope - (because it doesn’t cover in-house lobbyists)

How corruption works in the UK. David Cameron brought Lex Greensill to a “private drink” with the health secretary in 2019. Cameron and Greensill lobbied Matt Hancock to introduce a Greensill-owned payments system which was later rolled out across the NHS

Tory cronyism latest: @RishiSunak  personally intervened to try to put hundreds of millions of £ of taxpayers' money in the hands of a firm following lobbying from David Cameron, who stood to make $60 million from his shares in the company. The whole Greensill affair stinks.

Some stories just keep getting worse "The Treasury offered to try to redesign one of Britain’s main pandemic business support schemes to accommodate a company connected to David Cameron" which was the now bust Greensill Capital

The extent of David Cameron's lobbying on behalf of Lex Greensill - more toe-curling revelations in the Sunday Times tonight - explain why Britain's former prime minister has been so reluctant to talk to the press. So many questions to answer.....

David Cameron did not register as a lobbyist before lobbying the Govt to help the now bust Greensill Capital for whom he worked he broke a law which he introduced and could be fined.