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1/2:The leader of Mexico's Green Party has been removed from office after allegations he had ties to a Romanian organized crime gang that ran an ATM network & skimming operation there. The scandal is the latest fallout from a 3-part series I wrote in 2015.

"Sometimes, one of the hardest decisions political-party leaders have to make is where to plant their flag." — @spaikin  The new Green party leader’s biggest gamble yet #cdnpoli 

The All Points North podcast's leader interviews continued this week with Green Party chair and Interior Minister@MariaOhisalo  Listen to the discussion on climate, Covid and much more here:

Interview with Minister for the Environment and Green Party leaderEamon Ryan

Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner tells reporters: "I thought the premier's language was misogynistic + unacceptable + he should unequivocally apologize."

After Green Party leader @MikeSchreiner  calls federal sick $ inadequate, Labour Minister@MonteMcNaughton  says 110,000 workers have now received the caretaker benefit, got money within 3 days [comes after Premier said this am it should be doubled and faster]

Her party has never won a seat at the federal level in Ontario, and she’s already lost twice trying, but Green Leader Annamie Paul is taking another run at Toronto Centre.

The Green Party leader plans to announce her candidacy for the nomination there Thursday ahead of a possible federal election, setting her up for a rematch in the riding she failed to win in a byelection less than four months ago.


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The Green Party has named Annamie Paul as its new leader. She is the first permanent Black leader of a major federal political party in Canada.

"This is not a victory for Nigel Farage's Brexit Party" - Green Party co-leader Sian Berry says #EuropeanElectionResults  show strong support for Remain parties

Former Green Party leader Natalie Bennett says she believes @jeremycorbyn  won the #ITVdebate , saying he spoke from the heart on the issue of the NHS

“They are the cruellest, most vindictive ministers to have sat round that cabinet table in modern British history.” The Green Party’s Deputy Leader Amelia Womack says “we don’t have time for Jacob Rees-Mogg to be lying down on the job when the future of the country is at stake”

Prime Minister: Female First Minister, Scotland: Female Green Party leader: Female Tory leader, Scotland: Female Head of Met Police: Female Head of London Fire: Female Monarch: Female

"If you combine our votes with the parties who were clearly for Remain, we have thrashed the Brexit Party today" Green Party co-leader Siân Berry says #EUElectionResults  show there is more support for staying in the EU now than in 2016

"This is a really strong night for remain." Green Party co-leader @CarolineLucas  says the results from #EP2019  show there "is no mandate for a hard Brexit". Here's the latest from the election:

"No wonder it is being called an unforgivable act of intergenerational theft." Green Party co-leader says more than 70 per cent of young voters backed Remain in the EU referendum - and there should be a second poll. #77DaysToBrexit 

On foreign policy, Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas questions size of Britain's arms industry #BBCDebate 

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David Cameron says he will not take part in TV leader debates unless Green Party involved, the BBC learns