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A 23-year-old man died after being left unattended in hospital for 7 hours, lawsuit claims

Payne Law, LLC has filed a class action lawsuit against Kia and Hyundai, representing some of the members of a Facebook group. Their lawsuit alleges a defect in the cars, claiming they don't have immobilizers, making it easier to steal.

Canadian Cardinal Marc Ouellet denies lawsuit’s ‘false accusations’ of sexual misconduct

A lawsuit against Oregon Gov. Kate Brown and Oregon's Department of Human Services, Child Welfare Division, was granted class-action status by a federal judge Aug. 17.

Kobe Bryant lawsuit: Vanessa Bryant gives emotional testimony on leaked crash scene photos

@alexiskweed  discusses how the FTC might defend health data in a recent lawsuit:

The father of 6-year-old Eli Hart has filed a wrongful death lawsuit related to his son's killing.

A preliminary injunction in favor of transgender students will allow them to compete in school sports while a lawsuit continues. DETAILS: @danielmwoodruff  @EqualityUtah  @KeraBirk  @SueRobbins31  #utpol 

Ex-Virginia Gov. Doug Wilder drops lawsuit against VCU leaders

California woman alleges Daily Harvest meal made her so ill that doctors had to remove her gallbladder, lawsuit says


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Thanks to the filibuster, 41 Senate Republicans representing just 21% of the country are blocking abortion rights, clean energy, health care, and basic investments supported by the vast majority of Americans. This is not how democracy is supposed to work.

A U.S. Army officer filed a federal civil lawsuit against police officers who pepper-sprayed and assaulted him. Lt. Caron Nazario, of Latinx and African American descent, alleges that his constitutional rights were violated and race played a role.

A man sued his employer for racial discrimination, settled the suit, took the settlement check to the bank to cash it, then the bank didn't believe the check was real and called the cops on him, leading to another racial discrimination lawsuit

It’s time to ban Members of Congress & other senior officials from owning or trading any company stocks while in office. They can put their savings in conflict-free investments like mutual funds, or they can pick a different line of work. #EndCorruptionNow 

Because of the Trump Administration, hospitals are now required, effective immediately, to publish their REAL PRICES, which will create competition and drive downs costs MASSIVELY. Won lawsuit last week. Bigger than healthcare, it’s called PRICE TRANSPARENCY....

“Justices Alito and Thomas say they would have allowed Texas to proceed with its election lawsuit.” @seanhannity  This is a great and disgraceful miscarriage of justice. The people of the United States were cheated, and our Country disgraced. Never even given our day in Court!

Just won lawsuit filed by the DNC and a bunch of Democrat crazies trying to claim the Trump Campaign (and others), colluded with Russia. They haven’t figured out that this was an excuse for them losing the election!

I hope John Brennan, the worst CIA Director in our country’s history, brings a lawsuit. It will then be very easy to get all of his records, texts, emails and documents to show not only the poor job he did, but how he was involved with the Mueller Rigged Witch Hunt. He won’t sue!

ISIS is in retreat, our economy is booming, investments and jobs are pouring back into the country, and so much more! Together there is nothing we can’t overcome--even a very biased media. We ARE Making America Great Again!