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Sen Murphy comes to the floor and asks for unanimous consent to pass HR 8, the House-passed bipartisan background checks act of 2021, saying "I am at my wit's end" after the school shooting in Michigan. Sen Grassley objects.

Merrick Garland has no issue going after concerned parents, but has remained silent about the deadly attack in Waukesha. I want to know what @TheJusticeDept  is doing to investigate this legitimate crime and to prevent similar attacks in the future.

Garland Police Searching for 20-Year-Old in Connection With Aggravated Assault, Manslaughter

In Garland County, a major water treatment project is underway that officials said has been a decade in the making. | #arnews 

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Gayle Benson, owner of the New Orleans Saints and Pelicans, flipped the switch on The Roosevelt New Orleans' 112,000 twinkling lights, 1,600 feet of garland, and 4,000 glass ornaments. See photos of the event below:

The Devil We Know. We know you well.. traumatized polarized America. We dying inside, these guys Bannon Meadows Stone turn noses up at subpoenas and forty others refuse to tell Listen AG Merrick Garland and courts, you embolden give them power. Dear God.

"I support the goals of what they're trying to do," Grassley, a Republican, told reporters Wednesday. "I don't support it leading to the shutdown of government."

How is Garland faring in the pandemic? Here’s a look at the city’s COVID-19 data

Former Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Sen. Chuck Grassley said he'll respect the judicial process as the Supreme Court hears arguments in a Mississippi abortion case.

"I support the goals of what they're trying to do," Grassley, a Republican, told reporters Wednesday. "I don't support it leading to the shutdown of government."


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Didn’t think anyone could be worse than Fauci. Until we met Merrick Garland.

Attorney General Garland's son-in-law co-founded a company that promotes critical race theory. Garland then directed DOJ to spy on parents protesting CRT at school board meetings. No wonder he’s not looking into Hunter Biden’s art dealings.

My colleagues said they supported a nominee before there was a nominee. This process is being done at breakneck speed in the middle of a pandemic while we do nothing to help Americans. We have awkward 180s from Republicans from the Garland nomination to now. All pretty unusual…

Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed 8 days before the election, after 65 million Americans voted. 293 days before the 2016 election, Garland couldn't even get a hearing. And now McConnell's saying he'll block Biden from filling a vacancy in 2024. Tells you all you need to know.

Due to Minority Leader McConnell’s obstruction, Senate Republicans still control the Judiciary Committee and are blocking Merrick Garland’s AG confirmation hearing. They must let Garland get to work on preventing future domestic terror attacks like the January 6 attack.

Can we at least recognize that “Court Packing” at all levels of the judiciary has been the Republican playbook for decades? Asking for Merrick Garland.

Amy Coney Barrett was just confirmed 8 days before the election, after 60 million Americans have already voted. 293 days before the 2016 election, Merrick Garland couldn't even get a hearing.

We must never forget that Merrick Garland was nominated *8 months* before an election and McConnell didn’t give him a single hearing. Trump is a total disgrace, but Mitch McConnell may go down as the most corrupt and duplicitous politician in modern American history.

Amy Coney Barrett opposed Merrick Garland’s nomination because: 1. It came the same year as a presidential election, and, 2. She said the nomination couldn’t go through because Scalia would be “replaced by someone who could dramatically flip the balance of the court.” Like her.

When Merrick Garland was nominated in 2016 to fill Justice Scalia’s seat, we were 237 days away from an election. Now we’re just 42 days away from an election, yet Leader McConnell wants to jam a nominee through. That’s a dangerous double standard that can’t be allowed to stand.