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Let organizations like StopAntisemitism expose themselves for the thin-skinned, humorless dweebs that they are. — Graham Dockery

Of all the hate crime watchdog groups out there, none are more hypersensitive than the anti-Semitism monitors. — Graham Dockery

'Derek Chauvin may be guilty of murder, but CNN studied the former cop’s eyes and discovered he’s also guilty of 'something worse than hate.' They’re not the only network seemingly desperate to keep the George Floyd story alive' - Graham Dockery

Disregarding the fact that Chauvin, and police officers nationwide, restrain drug-addled suspects so often that it surely becomes mundane, Floyd’s murder grabbed blanket coverage. — Graham Dockery

With news ratings and sales down across the board since Donald Trump left office in January, CNN’s frantic attempts to shovel coal into the racism furnace make sense. — Graham Dockery

'Headlines like “the look in Derek Chauvin's eyes was something worse than hate” aren’t an attempt to reveal some fact or truth missed by the prosecution. They’re an attempt to keep an inflammatory story alive for the sake of ratings' - Graham Dockery

'It’s not hard to tell that the Times quite misses its abuser.' - Graham Dockery

'The New York Times thinks Twitter is a calmer place without Donald Trump’s 'anxiety-provoking' tweets. But, like the proverbial battered wife, the newspaper pines for its tormenter.' - Graham Dockery

‘Bram Wispelwey and Michelle Morse teach at Harvard Medical School, and practice at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. They’re educated, they’re accomplished, and they’re flaming racists’ - Graham Dockery

‘A pair of Ivy League medics want their hospital to give preference to racial minorities, based on the hateful doctrine of Critical Race Theory. With lives on the line, why does every elite institution encourage this insanity?’ - Graham Dockery


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'The sycophancy is pathetic, but it’ll soon get dangerous when Joe actually starts to govern' -Graham Dockery

'Despite the mewling of the spineless American media, the real coup wasn’t committed by Trump’s supporters, but by his opponents. They’re writing a manual on modern regime change, and it’s ready for export' - Graham Dockery

'With the aid of the press, the repression will be sold as a righteous crusade against the forces of racism, extremism, and white supremacy' -Graham Dockery

'Despite the mewling of the spineless American media, the real coup this week wasn’t committed by President Trump’s supporters, but by his opponents. They’re writing a manual on modern regime change, and it’s ready for export.' - Graham Dockery

Who’s to say Silicon Valley’s giants would stop at the US border? What is to stop them taking a dislike to some politician overseas and snuffing them out like Donald Trump? - Graham Dockery

'They want us to eat the bugs, to live in filthy communal harmony, and to remain forever in thrall to the state. They’ll tell you it’s for a greater good, but the end result is the same.' - Graham Dockery

"Airplanes are grounded. Roads, deserted. The skies are clear and fish swim once again in Venice’s canals. Covid-19 has achieved in three short months what Greta Thunberg and her ilk could only dream of. Will it last?" - Graham Dockery

'If media don’t thoroughly look at #Soros , get ready to live out his vision, and be sure that his billions won’t just outlive him, they will outlive you as well' Op-ed by Graham Dockery

#JeremyClarkson  suggests that the legions of #Thunberg-inspired  ‘school strikers’ should pay attention to their science lessons, rather than hopping on a 'carbon fibre yacht' and going to 'shout at Donald#Trump ' Op-ed by Graham Dockery

#Sweden  does not have an image problem. Sweden has a crime problem' OpEd by Graham Dockery