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To imply that workers across the country are becoming more racist by sitting down at home both insults them, and gives anti-racism crusaders a tool to clobber them with later, writes Graham Dockery

'If #Biden  wins next month’s election, how can the public ever expect fairness from journalists who clearly see themselves as mouthpieces for Uncle Joe?' - Graham Dockery

'According to Politico, it gives an inside look at 'Russia’s state-media propaganda machine.' Unsurprisingly, that machine functions like any other newsroom' - Graham Dockery

'As for self-censorship, a supposedly Soviet trait, show me one newsroom anywhere in the world whose journalists earn promotion by criticizing the editorial line' — Graham Dockery

'According to Politico, it gives an inside look at “Russia’s state-media propaganda machine.” Unsurprisingly, that machine functions like any other newsroom.' - Graham Dockery on the expose of RT

Northeastern University kicks out students for ‘crowded gathering’, as coronavirus gives colleges a license to steal tuition fees Op-ed by Graham Dockery

‘Saying no to the righteously furious is a difficult thing to do, even when you’re a supermarket with a 10 billion-pound yearly revenue, and they’re a faceless Twitter account screaming at nothing.’ - Graham Dockery@Graham_Dockery )

‘The riots have been enabled by Democrat leaders who have at best excused and at worst encouraged the most base excesses of the mob’. - Graham Dockery

‘Protests and riots have spiraled out of control in the US. However, these aren’t spontaneous demonstrations. Instead they’re egged on by Democrats, who seem hell-bent on burning America to the ground’. - Graham Dockery

‘After all, this is the leader of the free world we’re talking about, the man who, with a flick of his finger, could doom the planet to nuclear holocaust. It’s probably best if this leader remembers where he left the tapioca pudding’. - Graham Dockery


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‘Imagine that? Putin’s Russia - the election-meddling, spy-poisoning, Trump-enabling thorn in the side of the liberal order - delivering the life-saving shot that rids the world of the dreaded plague?’ - Graham Dockery

‘The global titans of corporate wokeness have sided with the mob. But virtue-signaling isn’t going to stop their stores being looted, and isn’t going to improve the lives of their sweatshop laborers.’ - Graham Dockery

'Imagine being told your very skin color is oppressive. That your very existence makes minorities and gays feel uncomfortable' Op-ed by Graham Dockery

'They want us to eat the bugs, to live in filthy communal harmony, and to remain forever in thrall to the state. They’ll tell you it’s for a greater good, but the end result is the same.' - Graham Dockery

"Airplanes are grounded. Roads, deserted. The skies are clear and fish swim once again in Venice’s canals. Covid-19 has achieved in three short months what Greta Thunberg and her ilk could only dream of. Will it last?" - Graham Dockery

'If media don’t thoroughly look at #Soros , get ready to live out his vision, and be sure that his billions won’t just outlive him, they will outlive you as well' Op-ed by Graham Dockery

Why is Sweden shifting to the right? The answer to that question is simple. Liberalism has clashed with reality, and lost. Op-ed by Graham Dockery

#JeremyClarkson  suggests that the legions of #Thunberg-inspired  ‘school strikers’ should pay attention to their science lessons, rather than hopping on a 'carbon fibre yacht' and going to 'shout at Donald#Trump ' Op-ed by Graham Dockery

#Sweden  does not have an image problem. Sweden has a crime problem' OpEd by Graham Dockery