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A former USC admissions official faces sentencing today for accepting thousands of dollars in payments to ensure graduate school admission for unqualified international students.

🤝 PARTNERSHIP | Boston University School of Hospitality Administration @BUHospitality ) and ESSEC Business School announce collaboration for graduate students! ▪ Discover the terms of this partnership:

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Graduate students who teach at the University of Michigan returned to classes Thursday after voting to end a strike.

U-M students, groups gather to support the graduate instructors' demands

College slammed for 'racism' after English Department said it would ONLY accept graduate students interested in black studies

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ARU would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our fantastic new students starting this week! In this video, #ARU  Graduate, Meg, gives her advice on how to get the most out of #GoingToARU  🎉 #ARUProudProud 

Calling all graduate students! Are you interested in private sector development finance? Apply to The World Bank Group’s Young Professionals Program until September 21 for roles @IFC_org  and @MIGAWorldBank  here:  #WBGYPP 

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SUTD's sixth batch of students graduate amid Covid-19 pandemic; more than half have secured jobs

Record number of Illawarra Indigenous students graduate HSC year

Congratulations to Ms. Saville on winning the $1,000 gift from @CFPExtraYard ! A Boise State graduate, Ms. Saville will now be able to equip her students with specialized at-home learning kits. Another big thank you to the @CFBPlayoff  for making this happen! #BleedBlue 

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NEW: Harvard will hold all courses online for undergraduate and graduate students for the 2020-2021 academic year.

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TRUMP: Creates fake university to scam students, pays $25 million fine for fraud LEBRON: Creates top-notch public high school for low-income students, pays college tuition for every graduate

"For years, the government of China has conducted illicit espionage to steal our industrial secrets." President@realDonaldTrump  is dismantling China’s ability to use graduate students to steal intellectual property and technology from the United States.

I will be signing an Executive Order to allow medical students who were slated to graduate this spring to begin practicing now. These are extraordinary times and New York needs the help.

@realDonaldTrump  the answer to the student debt problem is to make the UNIVERSITIES take the loss(not taxpayers). Universities are by definition selling a product that isn’t worth what students pay (if they graduate & don’t get jobs that generate enough income to pay the debt.)

Black students graduate with some $7,400 more in student loan debt than white students. Just four years after graduating, the debt gap widens to $25,000. #CancelStudentDebt 

Only half of the American students who start college will graduate. That’s why I’m constantly on the lookout for schools that defy the odds.

KD opens 'The Durant Center’ in Maryland to help low-income students get into college and graduate

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Students at the TM Landry College Prep School come from low-income families. All of them graduate and get into college.

What the tax bill does to graduate students alone — the seed of our economic future — should be reason enough to stop this disaster. And then there is what it does to healthcare for millions. I am baffled by the GOP complicity in inflicting damage on this scale.