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Lindsey Graham agrees he's "cheap" after Gowdy jokingly complains about Christmas gift

In the next segment, Gowdy let Ronna McDaniel float a bunch of voter fraud nonsense and gave her the kid glove treatment.

gowdy'>Trey Gowdy, a former U.S. Attorney sitting in for Hannity tonight, hasn’t focused on the voter fraud nonsense, but did get Sarah Huckabee Sanders to accept the premise of a question about “the early days of Joe Biden’s administration,” which is a very prosecutor move.

“Federal prosecutors don’t serve at the pleasure of presidents,” @T GowdySC says in reference to the Durham investigation. 1) They do. 2) Gowdy was a federal prosecutor.

“If President Trump loses, his supporters need to know that the rules were followed... I need more than just a press conference alleging widespread fraud.” - gowdy'>Trey Gowdy

Former U.S. Attorney for South Carolina (and former Republican congressman) gowdy'>Trey Gowdy, talking voter fraud on Fox News just now: “I have not seen the proof, and I think we need to stay away from broad, nationwide fraud, I mean these are individual states with individual rules.”

is it me or does gowdy'>Trey Gowdy look like a mostly shaved albino ferret?

gowdy questions'>Trey Gowdy Questions Biden’s Lack of Answer About Hunter: ‘I Still Don’t Know Who The Big Guy Is’

sounds like it is just going to be some circa 2017 nunes/gowdy HPSCI R political memo. Why don’t they just photocopy a page from the phone book and say it is whatever they want it to say,

Gowdy on Republicans leery of 'debt and deficits': '2024 is only four years away' @ccreitzpolitics  / Fox News)


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FBI Agent Peter Strzok applauded by Democratic members of House Oversight Committee after passionate response to Rep. Trey Gowdy, saying Gowdy's accusation "deeply corrodes what the FBI is in American society, the effectiveness of their mission, and it is deeply destructive."

“If thinking that James Comey is not a good FBI Director is tantamount to being an agent of Russia, than just list all the people that are agents of Russia - Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Rod Rosenstein who wrote the memo to get rid of Comey, the Inspector General....” gowdy'>Trey Gowdy

“The highest level of bias I’ve ever witnessed in any law enforcement officer.” Trey Gowdy on the FBI’s own, Peter Strzok. Also remember that they all worked for Slippery James Comey and that Comey is best friends with Robert Mueller. A really sick deal, isn’t it?

Rep.Trey Gowdy, “I don’t think so, I think what the President is doing is expressing frustration that Attorney General Sessions should have shared these reasons for recusal before he took the job, not afterward. If I were the President and I picked someone to be the country’s....

GOWDY: ‘Person Who Learned the Most About the Mueller Report Today was Robert Mueller’

gowdy'>Trey Gowdy: CIA May Stop Giving Adam Schiff Information Because He Leaks ‘Like A Screen Door On A Submarine’ - The Daily Caller

WOW. Trey GOWDY addresses Trump's lawyer this AM: "if you have an innocent client Mr. Dowd, act like it.”

gowdy'>Trey Gowdy is calling for the Mueller Probe to conclude. As the chairman of the Benghazi Committee, Gowdy produced 0 indictments. Mueller has already produced 20 indictments.

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