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Pak govt to seek vote in parliament to expel French Ambassador after violent anti-France protests

I've demanded a special session of Parliament because I've been speaking to political leaders of the country. They say situation is grim in their states too. So, if govt calls a special session, there'll be open discussion on the situation of all states: Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut

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UK govt is referring two Holyrood laws to @UKSupremeCourt  to decide if MSPs have gone beyond the powers of the devolved parliament The bills would incorporate the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the European Charter of local self govt into Scots law

As far as polls are concerned, they are not conducted by an elected govt. The Constitution doesn’t allow for extending terms of State Assemblies & Parliament: @AmitShah , Union Home Minister, tells Navika Kumar on #FranklySpeakingWithShah .

As far as polls are concerned, they are not conducted by an elected govt. The Constitution doesn’t allow for extending the terms of State Assemblies & Parliament: @AmitShah , Union Home Minister, tells Navika Kumar on #FranklySpeakingWithShah .

Today, Parliament debated the sanctions imposed by China in response to the sanctions imposed for the abuses in Xinjiang. With colleagues, I am calling on the Govt to now take strong action: call what is happening a genocide and review the influence of China in the UK.

"The reaction from within parliament… and the government ranks has been equally shocked and horrified." The PM’s anti-corruption champion @JohnPenroseNew  says inquiries into govt lobbying will show "where problems are if they are widespread" #Newsnight 

The seven-year-old Modi govt has surpassed the previous United Progressive Alliance govt of 10 years in the number of ordinances brought out, suggesting the current govt’s tearing hurry to push legislative changes without consultation of the parliament.

'Morally repugnant': Sturgeon slams UK govt over Supreme Court challenge to bills passed in Scottish parliament READ:

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“It’s so frustrating the government has announced this on a day when parliament isn’t sitting.” Shadow Home Secretary, Nick Thomas-Symonds says the govt’s traffic light system for foreign travel 'lacks detail'. Get #COVID19  updates:


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Each time Parliament passes a law that you don’t like, just gather 100 people and block a major road. * Get paid crores by Soros, China and their political agents here. * Supreme Court will suspend implementation of the law. * Weaken the govt people elected. Terrible precedence.

Narasimha Rao not only gave us economic reforms, but he made Parliament pass a resolution on Kashmir and told SC that if there was a pre-existing temple on which Babri masjid was built then his Govt will hand over the bhoomi to the Hindus

Iraqi parliament calling for US troops to leave, exactly what Soleimani wanted. But it’s not over yet. Now a constitutional battle as current Iraqi prime minister had already submitted his resignation, heading a caretaker gov’t. So – military crisis and now political crisis too.

Namo Cabinet has decided to drop medical services from the Consumer Protection Act. An amendment will shortly be moved in Parliament. Earlier after addressing in Jaipur the IMA conference last week I had demanded this from Govt. My thanks to Namo & Paswan for the decision

US military announced its suspending anti-ISIS operations in Iraq. Iraq parliament requests govt to kick out US forces. Massive protests in Iran. North Korea says it will show off new military technology soon. All have knock-on effects. More danger. More instability.

This #WithdrawalAgreementBill  drives the hardest Brexit of all Parliament's role re future relationship? Gone Clause on workers' rights? Gone Environmental protections? Gone The UK’s future under this Tory Govt - Parliament side-lined, no protections & a race to the bottom

MPs had more time to debate the Wild Animals in Circuses Act (affecting 19 animals) than they will to decide the future of 65 million people ??‍?‍?‍?? It’s hard to think of anything which better illustrates this Govt’s contempt for people, Parliament & democracy #Brexit 

#Modi govt likely to bring bill to prevent religious conversion in next #Parliament  session

Three baseless arguments of Lutyens: 1. Govt land for Ram Temple in Ayodhya cannot be given without SC nod. 2. Article 370 cannot be abolished without Parliament vote of 2/3 rd majority. 3. Nehru’s UN sellout Petition on J&K cannot be withdrawn without UNSC vote

SC judgement on Rafale based on factual blunders: * That there is CAG report on Rafale * That it was sent to PAC * That PAC shared it with parliament * That this report is public Why did the Govt mislead the Supreme Court? Isn't that a contempt of court?

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