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Covid vaccination in India: 2 mn healthcare workers inoculated so far, says govt - we need a 2 pronged approach for Covid - Protection and Transmission. We r only focusing on protection n by delaying vaccinating younger people we r allowing transmission

#RdaySpiritShamed | On India Upfront with Rahul Shivshankar, TIMES NOW's Srinjoy Chowdhury narrates details of the 'seperatist' hand that is being hinted at by the Govt, in the violent turn that the farmers' protest took on India's 72nd Republic Day.

Media outlets are reporting clashes between New Delhi Police & protesting farmers in parts of Delhi. US govt personnel have been advised to avoid these areas, stay at home, & exercise caution if in the vicinity of any large groups, protests, or demonstrations: US Embassy in India

Media outlets are reporting clashes between New Delhi Police & protesting farmers in parts of Delhi. US govt personnel have been advised to avoid these areas, stay at home, & exercise caution : US Embassy in India ( ANI )

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#Xiaomi responds to India's ban, says company in compliance with govt orders

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Opinion | An impossible combination of things that India's Budgets attempt Successive Indian govt have tried to do what they can't: target #economicgrowth  , equitable distribution simultaneously, @tca_tca  writes #BudgetWithBS  #BudgetInsightOut  #Budget2021 

Covid-19: Over 19 lakh healthcare workers vaccinated across India so far, says govt

While authorities can assist in terms of cost parity for #EVs  , in India it’s “difficult for govt to justify subsidizing cars for the rich": Mahindra Deputy MD @anishshah21  #Mahindrathar  @MahindraRise  @MahindraElctrc  #ElectricVehicles  #ElectricCars 

We tried to have utmost restraint. Now, the Govt has decided its limit. Agri Minister has already said that we have offered whatever what we had to offer: @SudhanshuTrived , MP& National Spokesperson, BJP, tells Rahul Shivshankar on INDIA UPFRONT. | #KisanSinghuToSansad 


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Government blocks 118 mobile apps which are prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, Defence of India, Security of State and Public Order: Govt of India PUBG MOBILE Nordic Map: Livik, PUBG MOBILE LITE, WeChat Work & WeChat reading are among the banned mobile apps.

Vajpayee govt hires Harish Salve as ICJ lawyer for India against corrupt Enron. Who used to be Enron lawyer? P Chidambaram. 2004. UPA wins. He’s FM. UPA replaces Salve with Khawar Qureshi, now Pakistan lawyer at IJC. India loses to Enron. Imagine the evil.

BIG BREAKING: 1st Big retaliation by Govt of IndiaIN against China.Our forces will fight them on ground meanwhile India does the ‘Digital Air Strike’ on China. India bans 59 Chinese apps including TikTok.

Govt of India bans 59 Chinese apps including TikTok, Helo, Likee, UC Browser etc. Here is the complete list.

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#HBDMaheshBabu , hats off to him for conveying such important messages through his films, only Education can take India forward in 21st Century. Delhi Govt led b @ArvindKejriwal  ji has been working along the same philosophy

My advice to Namo Govt: If Pak closes their airspace for our commercial and civil aircraft , India should close Karachi port by blocking ships going through Arabian Sea (which needs to be renamed) to Karachi port.

Needed a new passport book & visited Passport Seva Kendra in Parel, Mumbai where I saw a new India.A world-class team focused on making processes more efficient.And digitalization making everything breathtakingly easy. Aadhaar was all you needed. Bravo to the Govt.&

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Now we need in India a BJP Govt all the more because of the Sri Lanka terrorist act. This because Congi is terror friendly. Soon Digvijay will declare that what happened in Colombo is due to Hindu Terror

There is massive propaganda network being set up in the West to slander India, that Namo Govt is busy preparing for genocide of Muslims. It looks as if our Embassies are oblivious of this.

India now needs to break this mental barrier between Kashmiris and non Kashmiris.All are equal citizens of India.Govt should abolish Article 370&35A and open J&K to rest of India.I want to make a home there and live and so would millions of Indians from other states. #Solution