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Ondo eviction begins today, South-Westgovs, Miyetti Allah meet | 5 Things That Should Matter Today via @ynaija 

TX, FL, NH Govs Pull National Guard Units From DC Over Their Abuse, DeSantis Smacks Pelosi for Their Shabby Treatment

Biden folks are spinning here or trying to lower the bar strategically. There was, indeed, a plan from Trump. I listened in on govs calls on vaccine distribution. The plan had obvious shortcomings. but to say there’s nothing to rework is not true.

No wonder no one in the Scot Gov believes a Sec30 will happen. Osborne quotes shows how UK Govs see Scotland as a possession, "are we the people who have lost Scotland? " Burying the Sec30 deeper he says, "Just say no, Boris"

‘Imagine how often things changed!’: Reach on working on UK gov’s huge Covid brief

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Jon HarderPresident Trump commuted the sentence of former President/CEO of Sunwest Management who’s served 5 yrs of a 15 yr sentence. He misused investment funds during the real estate crisis. He ‘accepted responsibility, pled guilty & cooperated with the gov’s investigation’

We informed South-East, South-Southgovs, politicians before establishing security network —  IPOB #vanguardnews 

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America: we're gunna have a second riot (if trump wins), a third (if cops found not guilty), and a 4th (for the hell of it). so why rebuild the sand castles if the bullies return to knock them down again? especially when the govs abdicate any responsibility in defending you.

OMG! What’s wrong with the Virginia Democratic Party? First the governor, then the Lt Gov’s problems now the third in line, the states Attorney General, another Democrat has a “blackface” problem! It’s almost like Democrats are totally full of crap! Disgusting!

President-elect @JoeBiden  says of the 10 govs he met with today (5D, 5R): "They congratulated us heartily for our win."

CA Gov’s Thxgiving insanity: -Must be held *OUTSIDE*; -Guests may use bathrm inside if sanitized; -Masks on while not eating; -Singing “strongly discouraged;” -Max of two hours together; -6 feet *mandated* in all directions b/twn all at table & otherwise.

Cruz to Introduce Bill Holding Local Govs Liable to Property Owners if No Police Protection

CRUZ MOVES: Cruz to Introduce Bill Holding Local Govs Liable to Property Owners if No Police Protection

Cruz to Introduce Bill Holding Local Govs Liable to Property Owners if No Police Protection

File information and document requests. File lawsuits. They will not be able to keep up. There are more of you than them. This is yet another prong you can use to attack the indifference of govs that view property as more important than lives.

Closely monitoring #HurricaneHarvey  from Camp David. We are leaving nothing to chance. City, State and govs'>Federal Govs. working great together!

Heartbreaking: VA gov’s pro-abortion dogma is so extreme that he advocates taking the life of babies AFTER they are born. Watch the video. Every human life is precious—a gift from God—and the modern Democratic party’s embrace of late-term (or post-birth) abortion is truly tragic.