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@gregkellyfox5  slams the policies of Governor 'Shutdown' Newsom and Governor 'Tough guy' Cuomo - was it a political stunt?

(!) California governor Newsom says 4 of state's 5 regions will meet new shutdown threshold 'within a day or two'

On Monday Governor Gavin Newsom announced a possible shutdown for counties in the purple tier, which includes Kern County. 23ABC's Bayan Wang has more on the possible closures.

A Catholic priest has filed a lawsuit against California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) claiming the governor’s “state of emergency,” seven-month-long pandemic shutdown violates his constitutional rights.

Churches, gunshops, irked parents and irate brides: All the shutdown lawsuits against Governor Newsom, explained

California governor Gavin Newsom ordered the statewide shutdown of bars, cinemas and dine-in restaurants in a sweeping reimposition of lockdown measures

At Ocean Beach, the Memorial Day crowds were as thick as the ones in Orange County that earned a tongue-lashing and shutdown from Governor Gavin Newsom.


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LIVE: Governor Newsom provides an update on @PGE4Me  utility power shutdown

If you’re a federal worker in California affected by President Trump’s shutdown, you can apply for state unemployment insurance. Governor Newsom has directed to streamline processing of claims. You can find more information and apply here: