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This funding is urgently needed. But will it be easy to apply for, swift to dispense – and is it sufficient for hard-pressed domestic abuse refuge services doing life-saving work on a shoestring? See our statement on today's government announcement

Financial rights and domestic violence campaigners warn the government's bid to loosen lines of credit as the nation recovers from recession will end up making financial abuse more frequent and severe | @katinacurtis 

Government criticised for lack of domestic abuse refuge spaces

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Important government review launched today - part of the "government’s wider plans to reform family courts and bring in greater protections for domestic abuse victims."

More recently, our work alongside other charities successfully campaigned for the Government to amend the Domestic Abuse Bill and recognise the damaging impact domestic abuse can have on children. This is progress - but sadly, there are still many families who need support. 3/4

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“Silence is not consent." “Dad killed Mom." “You said you loved me, but it was still rape.” Posters denouncing sexual abuse and violence against women have blanketed walls around Paris to protest the French government’s response to domestic violence.

"Many women’s rights advocates in Turkey say that rather than leaving the treaty, the government should be using it to overhaul a system that often allows domestic abuse to go unpunished."

Voters in Jamaica head to the polls today, but will the next government make good on promises to open shelters for victims of domestic abuse?

Isabel Hardman on the government’s paltry support for domestic abuse victims:

Why hasn’t the government done more to protect domestic abuse victims, asks Isabel Hardman


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The oldest person killed was 82; the youngest just a toddler. Despite early warnings that domestic abuse was likely to surge during Britain's coronavirus lockdown, the government did little to help.

Today I questioned FBI Director Wray on the domestic spying and government abuse of our data. The concern of us who want more control over what the government can do with our data is because as Madison said men are not angels. That's why we have the Constitution.

“Can the panel see me? Can you hear me? That makes a change for me as a black woman.” This audience member says black women suffering domestic abuse are being forgotten by society and the government. #bbcqt 

Today the woman, her son, her legal team and 44 MPs from across the House are calling on the government to make exemptions for domestic abuse survivors from the ‘bedroom tax’

For seven years the mum has been fighting the government over this. Seven years. Then, last October, the European Court of Human Rights said the government’s ‘under-occupancy penalty’ discriminates against victims of domestic abuse.

The domestic abuse bill cannot be allowed to fail because of Boris Johnson’s undemocratic game playing. We must do so much more to protect survivors. The government should start by confirming to campaigners that the bill will continue its passage.

Don’t let this go unnoticed: the Violence Against Women Act, which helps survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault, expired with the government shutdown. It’s deeply concerning.

Survivors of domestic violence, child abuse and other crimes could be hit next by the government shutdown as shelters across the country are bracing for federal funds to dry up in the coming weeks

The government wants to build a society with zero tolerance of domestic abuse. We’ve launched a consultation on tackling this horrific crime: #thisisabuse 

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