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From @WSJopinion : The decision to strip companies of their Covid-vaccine patents is the latest example of Biden’s far-left governance, writes @KimStrassel 

“Abdicating collective power to a poorly designed pseudo-judiciary that masquerades as private governance inevitably leads us to a point where we have to be grateful for its existence,” writes @morar .

THREAD 👇🏿 Cost of governance: Fear, anger trail government’s plan to cut workers’ salaries: “If the govt is sincere about reducing the cost of governance, then it should cut the cost of maintaining those in the executive and the legislature.” Read:

Nearly three decades ago, when Eric Adams decided he wanted to someday be mayor of New York City, he started a journal of observations about local governance, making periodic entries before bed. He has now filled 26 notebooks.

Noting that the Nigerian government had initiated a number of programmes aimed at cutting the cost of governance in the face of dwindling revenue, Ahmed disclosed that President@MBuhari  had directed the Salaries and Wages Committee to review the payroll of public servants.

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No governance, no money being spent – how do you expect employment to be generated? : @sambitswaraj , National Spokesperson, BJP, tells Navika Kumar on @thenewshour . @DrRijuDutta_TMC , Spokesperson, TMC responds. | #VistaHypocrisyExposed 

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At their best, inspectors-general identify problems and improve governance. But their recommendations often get ignored

Janet Yellen’s proposed global tax regime would move America closer to the EU model of governance, writes Thomas J. Duesterberg


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I thank the people of Puducherry for blessing NDA. We are humbled to serve the people and fulfil their dreams. Our Karyakartas made outstanding efforts to work among the people and elaborate on our agenda of good governance.

What incompetence. What failure of governance. Boris Johnson can't blame Theresa May, he can't blame John Major, he can't blame judges, he can't blame civil servants, he can't sack the Cabinet Secretary again. There's only one person responsible - him. Me in the Commons today:

Thank you Gujarat! Results of municipal elections across the state clearly show the unwavering faith people have towards politics of development and good governance. Grateful to the people of the state for trusting BJP yet again. Always an honour to serve Gujarat.

So, let me get this straight. Canada lost 71,000 jobs last month (equvilent to US losing 500,000) and Paris is shutdown from massive strike over awful economy and governance. But Trudeau & Macron found time to snicker at Trump? Really?

Mr. @VP , President Trump cannot defend our country or her ideals. For the sake of the continuity of democracy, you must lead an invocation of the 25th Amendment and remove Donald Trump from power. We, as leaders in a democracy cannot let the experiment of self-governance perish.

Donald Trump does not want to be in charge of any of this. He wants to play president on TV. He doesn't want responsibility for governance in a time of crisis, and in every way he can, he's refusing to do that job, and lashing out at those who ask him to do it.

This is a governance failure, not an inevitability of the disease.

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(Keep thinking: I’ve a Masters in Public Health; wrote my doctoral dissertation on global efforts to tackle AIDS pandemic; co-authored a book on global health governance; teach MPH courses on health systems & global health & I’m not qualified to lead a national #covid19  effort.)

The House proved overwhelmingly that the President abused his power. Now the verdict is in: One Republican Senator had the courage to do impartial justice. To put country over party. And vindicate the Founders’ faith in self-governance. And show us, Right still matters.

The Constitution is a powerful document, but it’s not self-effectuating. It requires vigilance. It requires moral courage. We will do everything in our power to preserve this marvelous experiment in self-governance. America is worth it.