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gove'>Michael Gove vows ‘absolute commitment’ to Northern Ireland as end of Brexit transition period looms

Gove indicates that Ireland may again have role in wider London-Brussels negotiations as UK prepares to leave EU

Gove "confident" of EU trade deal. EU willing to soften demand that Britain heed bloc’s rules on state aid as they change in future.

gove'>Michael Gove vows ‘absolute commitment’ to Northern Ireland as end of Brexit transition period looms

Gove, Cummings, and the revolving door at the heart of British politics

“Michael Gove and Sarah Vine. The celebrity political couple for young millennials so jaded they no longer found Neil and Christine Hamilton quite sickening enough. Michael Gove and Sarah Vine – a Neil and Christine Hamilton for the Two Girls, One Cup generation” - Stewart Lee.

"The architects of his campaign - among them gove'>Michael Gove - have little choice but to focus on “saving” the Union. But how do you even begin to do this when your own party works against you at every turn?" | Marianne Taylor

Tried to listen to this on Civil Service reform but got derailed by the sheer awfulness of Culshaw's impressions of Boris, Gove and Cummings (7 mins in)

I mean, I'm sure Gove wants to be popular with Tory MPs, but "allowed himself to be photographed" @DPJHodges ?

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Gove tells #Marr  no need to make wearing face masks mandatory in shops Just 2 days ago PM said “I do think we need to be stricter about insisting people wear face coverings in confined spaces” True to form, more dangerously muddled messaging from this incompetent Government

gove'>Michael Gove on #Marr  - a masterclass in blame-shifting, obfuscation, weasel-words and evasion - and with his insulting suggestion that teachers don’t care about their students, a heavy dollop of emotional blackmail too.

@KayBurley  What’s the govt advice if you’re struggling with your eyesight?Gove: It’s to seek medical advice KB: So it’s not to take a 60 mile round trip with your 4 year old strapped in the back?

gove'>Michael Gove is trending No1 in the UK. It’s because nobody believes a word he’s saying. So many cabinet ministers are destroying their own reputations at the altar of saving a lying, hypocrite adviser. Quite extraordinary.

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I’m reliably informed Murdoch wants Gove to replace Johnson. Let’s be clear the whole lot of them have their hands soaked in blood. None of them is fit to lead.

I was right to be suspicious. Turns out the exact number of new ventilators we can expect this weekend is 30. That’s right 30. Not 3,000 or even 300. But 30. Mr Gove’s exact words Tuesday were “the first of thousands of new ventilator devices will roll off the production line”.

Oh my goodness. gove'>Michael Gove has said people who have to use food banks have only got themselves to blame. Actually GASPED reading this.

Please retweet if you think @DailyMailUK  should sack MichaelGove’s wife for this incendiary and irresponsible tweet

A reminder of some of the senior establishment figures who sat on the campaign committee of Vote Leave, which has just been fined by the Electoral Commission: Liam Fox Iain Duncan Smith Dominic Raab Michael Gove Boris Johnson Steve Baker Chris Grayling Priti Patel Lord Lawson

Complicated debate obvs but surely safe to say that if Farage Johnson and Gove think something is a good idea we can assume it isn't #remain