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VIP >> Criticism of President Trump's use of stats during the Axios interview punches Gov. Andrew Cuomo in the face by accident

Gov. Cuomo still refuses to support taxes on the ultra-wealthy. "They're not coming back right now. And you know what else they're thinking? If I stay there, I pay a lower income tax because they don't pay the New York City surcharge," said Cuomo.

“We handled it in New York and the nation learned nothing from that experience — frankly,” Gov. Cuomo says of the lack of national plan for COVID-19. “Five months later, in many parts of this country — you’re just as unprepared as you were on Day One.”

‘Start this time with the truth’ — NY Gov. Cuomo slammed Pres. Trump for failing the nation on COVID-19 with lies and deadly mistakes

BOOZY ICE CREAM: A bill introduced in February to widely permit liquor-infused ice cream was finally signed into law by Gov. Cuomo on Monday. 🍨

‘Not since the Vietnam War have Americans sat in their living room seeing the numbers on the TV screen say what a mistake it was’ — Gov. Cuomo went off on the Trump admin’s ‘colossal’ coronavirus failure

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's office announced the State Liquor Authority would not renew the license for Liberty Belle after the boat operated over the weekend with an expired license.

Nursing homes and hospitals in New York can once again be held liable in lawsuits and criminal prosecutions for care provided to patients not being treated for COVID-19 under a law signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo Monday.

Gov. Cuomo urged the 700-plus school districts across the state to provide enhanced details of their reopening plans to parents, as a decision from the state looms in the coming days on the return to classes after the coronavirus shutdown.


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Gov Cuomo’s hypocrisy is breathtaking in investigating a student who may have infected 4 people at a graduation while ignoring his own key role in the death of thousands of senior citizens

This is what the great “leadership” of Gov Andrew Cuomo, Mayor DeBlasio, and Cryin Chuck Schumer has brought to New York. Then they seem confused as to why people would be fleeing the state in droves. So woke you’re a joke!

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo asks state lawmakers to adopt ‘Amy Cooper’ 911 false accusation bill. More:

In extended fiery remarks, Gov. Andrew Cuomo responds to attack from Donald Trump: "First of all, If he's sitting home watching TV, maybe he should get up and go to work, right?" Watch his full remarks:

If you doubt the power of the press, recognize that Gov. Ron DeSantis handled covid-19 in Florida in excellent fashion, while Gov. Andrew Cuomo handled it nearly as badly as humanly possible, yet DeSantis has dropped in polls and Cuomo is at the height of popularity.

Gov. Cuomo really letting Sen. Mitch McConnell have it. He says that New York State contributes $116 Billion more to the federal budget than it takes from it whereas Kentucky takes more from the federal government than it puts in by more than that amount.

1. I have no idea why Gov. Cuomo's popularity is so high when virtually everyday he complains about not having enough beds and ventilators, and he takes absolutely no responsibility for his poor decisions prior to this virus;

@realDonaldTrump  changed the skyline of New York and bailed out the city numerous times when they couldn’t complete projects (Workman Rink etc) Can anyone name one thing that Cryan Chuck Schumer or “Gov” Andrew Cuomo has actually done for New York? Just one thing? I’ll wait!!!

Today’s Left: -Applauds Kaepernick when he disrespects the flag -Embraces Gov. Cuomo when he says America “was never that great” -AND cheers Maxine Waters when she encourages harassment of the President’s supporters