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1) Schumer on Senate GOPers trying to get Barrett out of Judiciary Cmte on October 22: "We will talk about when the actual vote occurs in committee and on the floor, Democrats will the quorum. Period."

6) Yet McConnell is “going small” with his legislation. $500 billion. That's about all Senate GOPers can handle. And Pelosi wants to spend $2.2 trillion – if not more than $3 trillion.

1) Fox confirms: Senate Republicans shred Trump Administration’s latest coronavirus offer. The Trump Administration proposed spending $1.8 trillion in coronavirus relief. GOPers ripped the plan on a conference call this morning.

Trump on Fox on coronavirus talks: We're all ready to go. We can't get Nancy Pelosi to sign the document." We don't know which document he's referring to and Senate GOPers torched the administration coronavirus plan on Saturday.

Trump on Fox on coronavirus bill: "Republicans want to do it. We're having a hard time with Nancy Pelosi." Yet it was the majority of Senate GOPers who tore into Meadows/Mnuchin on a conference call yesterday about the administration's coronavirus proposal

18) Now we have a conundrum: Are they really going to advance a bill which has minimal support from Hse/Senate GOPers – yet relies mostly on Democratic votes to pass? And the Republican President is actually going to sign that? If that's the case, Pelosi will have won this round

Even if Senate GOPers survive 2020, 2022 is going to be a nightmare

Senate GOPers still plan to fast track Barrett despite Tillis/Lee testing positive. Cmte allows remote hrngs. Markups require attendance. But there are vote by proxy rules. Senate still intends to confirm Barrett by end of the month

McConnell to colleague Bret Baier on how SCOTUS fight could impact GOPers in Senate races: The pending nomination, I think, is a big asset. I am happy to put this nominee front and center in my campaign I am happy to tell the voters of KY my opponent would oppose this..nominee

Schumer on Hse Dem coronavirus bill: As countless businesses are going under, as thousands continue to get sick, as millions of Americans are waiting for the Senate to do its job..McConnell & Senate GOPers are moving at a lighting pace…to jam through a Supreme Court nominee.


Most relevant

Tensions REALLY high on the Senate floor now. Schumer blocking all GOPers from speaking. Won't let them come out of the quroum call. Sen Susan Collins (R-ME): "This is unbelievable." GOPers then return the favor and block Schumer. They are REALLY at each other’s throats now.

This new sworn declaration about Kavanaugh is explosive. Can Senate GOPers ignore it and rush ahead with a committee vote on Friday?

NOTE: Any single GOPer on the Judiciary Committee or any two GOPers in the Senate could speak up now and demand that Ford be treated with respect and that her modest requests are accommodated Instead they are silent as Ford is bullied by Trump, Grassley and Kav’s operatives

Pretty telling that Senate GOPers had an opportunity to press Trump about his staff’s treatment of one of their own…. and they just didn’t do it

GOPers made 4 big promises on tax effort: - won't increase the debt - designed for middle class - wealthy & Trump won't benefit - will supercharge economy In fact, Senate bill breaks these 4 promises

There has been a distinct tone difference between what POTUS said and didn't say vs many Senate GOPers who did call out the hate by name

I am old enough to remember when some Senate GOPers took pride in being serious legislators. Now they're just props. Sad.

In meeting Monday night w/Senate GOPers just before the news broke, Trump told them they'd look like "dopes" if they didn't pass this bill

The GOPers calling for Flynn investigation are mostly in the Senate and not up for re-election Graham, 2020 McCain, 2022 Blunt, 2022