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Today in commuting: “.. the average number of visits to U.S. places of work hit the highest level since March 20 of last year, according to Google Community Mobility Reports data.” (via @business ⁩)

Google COVID-19 community mobility reports: insights from multi-criteria decision making

Assess the impacts of human mobility change on COVID-19 dynamics in Arizona, U.S.: a modeling study incorporating Google Community Mobility Reports

7) Now for some methodology: I wrote a script that takes the Google Community Mobility reports () and extracts the data from the charts in the PDFs, giving you a full time series for any country. It’s here for anyone to use:

Looking at Google’s Covid-19 Community Mobility Reports data. Trying to normalize so as to compare as a mobility/stringency index.

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UBS 4/6: A failure to keep bond markets stable and a monetary transmission mechanism that deteriorates lead to an L-shaped economic scenario. Consumer activity – measured by Google's Community Mobility Reports - does not recover sustainably

UBS 3/6: Consumer activity - measured by Google's Community Mobility Reports – should stabilize around 20% below the pre-crisis baseline by Dec 2020. Downside scenario: Repeated outbreaks prove difficult to control, leading to severe restrictions being re-imposed intermittently.

Google COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports: Anonymization Process Description (version 1.0) It is designed to ensure that no personal data, including an individual's location, movement, or contacts, can be derived from the resulting metrics.

-Tokyo seeks shutdowns, Japan economy comes under threat -Google release Community Mobility Reports -Cargo vs passenger traffic data in Europe -EasyJet to defer delivery of 24 Airbus planes -U.S. shouldn’t bail out billionaires & hedge funds @tnooz 

Google's Community Mobility reports help officials evaluate lockdown measures


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Here are the Google COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports charts showing how people's whereabouts have changed in the 4 Atlantic provinces: Newfoundland and Labrador; Nova Scotia; Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. Google says the maps will be updated daily.

Gyms, retail stores, & even parks have closed, but are people really staying home? In this Tableau, Ryan Soares uses Google's Community Mobility Reports to look at mobility trends by state. Do you have a Coronavirus (COVID-19) viz you'd like to share?

Our reporter digs into Google's community mobility reports to see where Utahns are going when they should be social distancing. Looking at that track data, here's what he found.

MORE: Google says it will publish and regularly update the "community mobility reports," which are broken down by location and display the change in visits to public places, such as grocery stores and parks.

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Google’s COVID-19 “community mobility” surveillance reports