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Google CEO promises new A.I. features are coming to search 'very soon' amid competition from ChatGPT

Fake mortuary business in Sapulpa found on Google Maps

Fake mortuary business in Sapulpa found on Google Maps

Curiosity about the bobbling sky orb swept the internet Friday, with search terms like “where is the sky balloon now?” and “spy balloon tracker” surging on Google.

On LinkedIn, Google employees described the "transactional" nature of getting notified of a layoff via email. Experts say while not widespread, they're seeing more examples of the practice, particularly in the tech sector amid sweeping layoffs.

Are you ready to take advantage of everything GA4 has to offer? Don't miss @cdawg2610 's two-part Google Analytics 4 Master Class, only at #SMX !

The Netherlands will sign on to U.S. chip controls; Google issues report on influence campaign; Biden likely to ban sales to Huawei; U.S. and India meet to discuss technology. Dive into our Cyber Week in Review with @adschina .

Poland is sending 14 Leopard II while Germany is sending 88 Leopard I tanks. Google#1488  . This can’t be a coincidence.

Tech Guide Editor Stephen Fenech says the most prevalent rumour concerning the Google Pixel is that the company may introduce a foldable model.


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@ggreenwald  @mtaibbiMost  people don’t appreciate the significance of the point Matt was making: *Every* social media company is engaged in heavy censorship, with significant involvement of and, at times, explicit direction of the government. Google frequently makes links disappear, for example.

Things that didn’t exist on Christmas 20 years ago: iPhone Facebook YouTube Instagram Twitter TikTok Android Bitcoin Tesla iPad Gmail Netflix streaming Amazon Prime Slack Reddit Etsy WhatsApp Messenger Google Maps Snapchat LinkedIn Pinterest Chrome Zoom Skype Spotify Airbnb Uber

This is the COOLEST. A Google Earth-type representation of the planet. Every green dot is a radio station. Click any dot to listen in. It’s like cultural teleportation. You could spend hours with this thing…

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The richest guy on the 2021 Forbes 400 owns the Washington Post. Number 2 now owns Twitter. Number 3 owns Facebook. Numbers 5 and 6 started Google. Numbers 4 and 9 started Microsoft. Number 10 owns Bloomberg. Free speech? You decide.

It’s a real problem. Apple and Google effectively control access to most of the Internet via their app stores.

Yes delete your period app. But also don’t arrange rides for people to get abortions on Facebook. Don’t google “where to get an abortion” if you live in Texas. Don’t go to a protest unmasked. The privacy violations that are coming go so much deeper than period apps.

Wow, Report Just Out! Google manipulated from 2.6 million to 16 million votes for Hillary Clinton in 2016 Election! This was put out by a Clinton supporter, not a Trump Supporter! Google should be sued. My victory was even bigger than thought! @JudicialWatch 

When someone at @Google  hates just you specifically

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Best thing you’ll see today: Macaulay Culkin returns as Kevin from ‘Home Alone’ in Google ad