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I'm so far behind on my Goodreads 2020 reading challenge - I blame the pandemic

Have you posted your review of NEAR DARK yet? If you enjoyed reading it, please consider adding your voice: Amazon: Barnes & NobleGoodreads

Perhaps you would like to add my upcoming book to your Goodreads TBR list:

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Just skulking through Goodreads to see what people are saying about me and look it’s @jasonfurman !

So keep the feedback coming! BTW I keep accidentally misspelling Sean Hannity's name cuz a Goodreads reviewer called him "Sean Hattity." Hey, if the hat fits...

@TravisEpperson  Yes. I asked them about it every time their PR people pitched me a story; I asked about it when I was an invited speaker at Goodreads, I asked about it at pressers. They have never, ever answered.

Amazon has let Goodreads languish. The StoryGraph wants to fill in the gap for readers.

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Most relevant

your thoughtful @amazon  & @goodreads  reviews are so appreciated! thanks for reading BINGE <3

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AND! the love you've given BINGE on @goodreads  has made it a FINALIST for "Best Humor Book" - vote here: YAYAYAYAY!

70 days until Binge is IN YOUR HANDS. add it on goodreads: & preorder yours today:

ps thanks everyone who've left a review on amazon/B&N/goodreads/audible of my book. your words help spread BINGE to new readers/listeners!!

sending love to my followers on @goodreads !! your thoughtful reviews of BINGE don't go unnoticed. if you leave one, include your twitter <3

yoooooo BINGE is a semifinalist for the 2015 @goodreads  awards?! if you read it & liked it, feel free to vote:

7 hours left to enter to win a copy of BINGE on @goodreads ! mark it as "Want to Read" & scroll down to enter:

hey USA! @goodreads  is giving away 30 copies of my book (which comes out in 19 days), enter to win one here:

morning! anyone have a @goodreads  account?? my book Binge is now on there, push the green "WANT TO READ" button: <3