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So is Biden gonna speak? I wanna know if I can start this week’s British Bake Off. It’s 1980s week!

Interesting British conversation no.524: “Apparently they’re gonna ease lockdown on Monday” “I can’t see how that’ll work, can you?” “Well, we’ll see”

Aaaaaaaand, gonna log off Twitter before I see one more “ACTUALLY, the British Empire were the GOOD GUYS” take. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Laura Steinam calls from Chilliwack, British Columbia. She says Canada should look more to how Indigenous peoples treat their seniors and she says "If we don't value our own family members, how are gonna look after them?"

Our final Listening Party is on Saturday at 7pm & it will be our 2003 Debut ‘The Decline of British Sea Power’. Join us from 6:30pm to share memories & then we all press play at 7pm. Join us all then. It’s gonna be emotional! #TimsTwitterListeningParty  @Tim_Burgess 

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“I’m gonna be just fine!” 👊🏻🛹 GBBritish skateboarder Sky Brown remaining “positive & strong” after suffering skull fractures & breaking her wrist + hand in a training fall. “I’m going for gold in 2021 and nothing will stop me,” she says. 👉

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Gonna take a break from everything going on in the world to catch up on my show, which was about *checks notes* internal affairs at a British police department 😬

It’s June. I’m gonna be able to apply for British Citizenship in 2 weeks. Comin up to the home stretch

You know it’s gonna be a good episode of The Great British Baking Show when the Netflix warning is for “gore.”


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All the people fancying Rishi Sunak are gonna be psyched when they discover there are actually thousands of British Indian men out there who wear nicely pressed hoodies and fulfilled their parents’ dull but financially prudent career aspirations

So.. we gonna get British Bulldog in the Hall Of Fame this year or? @WWE 

me realizing if im ever gonna trap a british husband im gonna have to move across the atlantic and also probably put in effort

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Back on British land. Not gonna lie. It looks miserable and cold.. But I'm almost home! :) first stop off to see @HollyFarnworth  :)

think im gonna rock the british accent all day

Gonna start bringing out British Halsey in every interview @DallasSF 

Happy birthday @BabyAriel  have fun on tour! Gonna miss you! Love from your British guy ☺️❤️

I'm gonna sing tonight with a british accent! Don't you dare try to stop me smee! Don't you dare try to stop me smee! Smee try to stop me!!

Are U.S., British, Dutch and Aussie governments just gonna sit back and let a bunch of Russian-armed drunks destroy evidence of their crime?