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“ooohh child, things are gonna get easier...”

For anyone yelling at me in my mentions over a sports take... I forgive you & hopefully vice versa. It’s just sports. Cause man, it’s 2020 & we got real life problems. Problems we need to solve. If not - crazy stuff gonna keep happening. Like the Marlins making the playoffs.

“Oh, we’re gonna fill it. Don’t worry about it,” says Pres Trump about his announcement Saturday of his nominee to the Supreme Court. In response to Democratic objections, “we have the right, we won the election.” He says Democrats would do the same thing if roles were reversed.

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Magpies and Eagles in the heat of the September battle? You just know it's gonna go down to the wire, writes @shayne_hope  - Don't underestimate the capability of these two sides to produce something special #footyology 

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Tld1TNVXgZ Child you better stay your ass home talking about some Tycoon party shit Listen here 50cent aint gonna take care of you.🤣 RT Remix *50cent😆oh shit, I think she better chill she gonna be homeless. That city girl Hot girl shit is over. LOL #lecheminduroi 

“We’ve had a lot of customers come in every day [asking], ‘Are we gonna get to play? Are we gonna play?’ It’s like, I’m just waiting just like everyone else,” said store manager Misty Bassham.

Pavelski's gonna get that one. Went off Shattenkirk in front.

"You have to have a president who is gonna work his ass off," says @POTUS , criticizing @JoeBiden .

gabe kapler is gonna keep the Phillies out of the playoffs again isn’t he

Season Four's finale is gonna be killer.


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‘I’m gonna be sent back to a country that I’ve ever been to and I’m gonna lose every opportunity that I have.’

Touring South America was incredible !! Thankyou! to all of amazing! supportive! Wonderful! Fans!! big love gonna get some rest now :) x

Big love to all our fans ! Seriously thank you you guys have been unbelievable , can't wait to play Cape Town . Gonna be a BIG show !!!

So our next single is gonna be Story of My Life !

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is everybody gonna be fucking everybody when this is over

ME: Joe, about halfway through the speech, I’m gonna wish you a happy birth-- BIDEN: IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! ME: Joe. Happy birthday to , my brother and the best vice president anybody could have.

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Happy birthday to the aspiring lad that is, Payno ! Happy birthday !! @Real_Liam_Payne  . Gonna be a siiiiiick show tonight !

Gonna get this done for you !! I promise this album will be amazing ..

I’m gonna give away $5,000 to 3 random people who retweets this and follows me! ❤️ Quarantine is lasting way longer than expected and I wanna keep helping out. Love you guys ⭐️