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#RadheReview @BeingSalmanKhan  , Your Most Wanted Bhai, is back o #Eid  . Bad luck if you're gonna take him for granted. @ananya116  writes.

'He's gonna kill me!' Florida gas station worker rescues kidnapped woman

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@JoyAnnReid  says, “Cheney isn’t in this for her political ambition, fighting Trump isn't gonna win her any republican prizes. She's in it to salvage what's left of her party, and more importantly, to fight for our democracy.”

So... what do you want to know about Starlink? Gonna cap off Infrastructure Week at The Verge with the review tomorrow. ;)

Someone's gonna have to get healthy on the flight to Dallas

I'm gonna miss HIPAA/HIPPA twitter when this is all over

N1PjhLrNrk He also said nobody could fix it but him RT *JessicaKMurray Gen x is gonna have the last laugh.

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@chiproytx  to @MarkDavis  on potential run for House GOP conference chair: "We're gonna have a lot of discussions today. I do believe [Stefanik] ought to have an opponent, and I'm talking to other colleagues about whether they will throw their hat in the ring."

Rooting for the Pac-12 to hire an experienced, capable commissioner with a savvy TV plan, but deep down I know they’re gonna hire like the Warriors GM or something.

Roy: "We'll know by the end of the day what we're gonna do. ... I'm prayerfully considering what's good for our country, but I do believe that we ought to have some opposition. We'll figure that out today."


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Hey you … Yeah you Queen … You’re gonna make it! 💕💕

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‘I’m gonna be sent back to a country that I’ve ever been to and I’m gonna lose every opportunity that I have.’

Touring South America was incredible !! Thankyou! to all of amazing! supportive! Wonderful! Fans!! big love gonna get some rest now :) x

Big love to all our fans ! Seriously thank you you guys have been unbelievable , can't wait to play Cape Town . Gonna be a BIG show !!!

So our next single is gonna be Story of My Life !

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ME: Joe, about halfway through the speech, I’m gonna wish you a happy birth-- BIDEN: IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! ME: Joe. Happy birthday to , my brother and the best vice president anybody could have.

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Happy birthday to the aspiring lad that is, Payno ! Happy birthday !! @Real_Liam_Payne  . Gonna be a siiiiiick show tonight !

Gonna get this done for you !! I promise this album will be amazing ..

I’m gonna give away $5,000 to 3 random people who retweets this and follows me! ❤️ Quarantine is lasting way longer than expected and I wanna keep helping out. Love you guys ⭐️