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This is from a fundraising/grifting note for Trump that @newtgingrich  signed. He says, "There is NO ONE fighting harder for this Country than President Donald J. Trump." Question for Newt: how much golfing has Trump done this week, as thousands of Americans died in the pandemic?

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A garment once associated with golfing seniors and barbecue dads now wraps the bodies of American militiamen chafing for a second civil war From @1843mag 

Others have dared to call his post-election behavior—golfing mixed with lots of ugly, cartoonish flailing in a desperate attempt to subvert the will of the voters who ousted him—embarrassing. But does "embarrassing" really capture this grim reality?

Trump is spending his weekends putting away. But COVID-19 doesn’t cease its lethality on the weekend or holidays. Here's a breakdown of the number of American lives lost due to COVID-19 each day the president has spent golfing since the election.

"It is as important today or more so with the current spike that we pay attention to the protocols from the golfing associations and the (Centers for Disease Control),” says Tom Addis, executive director of the PGA of Southern California.

WATCH: President Trump misses a putt while golfing in Virginia on Friday.

This was back in 2016 on Thanksgiving day. Now you know why @IU_Tyler  always carries wire ties when he goes golfing - it has nothing to do with hitting the ball and everything to do with the governor on the golf cart ⛳😂 @elkwood66 

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Golfing in winter? K-W courses bring idea to the fore

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@MatthewMaiden1  @realDonaldTrump  How much has he accomplished since Election Day? How many public events has he attended? How many times has he gone golfing? How many TV programs has he tweeted about watching? Is lying about voter fraud in the most secure election in US history a great accomplishment?


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Trump is golfing, the Senate is on vacation, there is no COVID relief, food lines stretch for miles, 40,000,000 people face eviction, and Americans are dying in droves. Is this what they mean by American exceptionalism?

This presidency, summed up: While the country hit 154,000 COVID-19 deaths, the jobless rate soared, and an eviction crisis loomed, Trump went golfing this weekend at a course he still owns.

If you’re looking for someone to blame for football getting canceled, you might start with the guy who keeps saying the virus will just magically disappear and then goes golfing.

Remember when Trump used to criticize President Obama for golfing? So far his golf trips have cost taxpayers more than $134,000,000 — 335 years of presidential salary.

I don’t care where you are politically: the president of the United States needs to pack up his golf clubs and return to the White House. I can’t take him seriously if he’s golfing while we lurch toward war.

Trump doesn’t want the public to how much taxpayers are spending on his: ❌ GolfingHotel visits ❌ Travel You get the idea. I’ve introduced a bill to require disclosure of spending that enriches the President. We have a right to know how Trump spends our money.

Trump knew within minutes no missile was hurtling toward Hawaii. He was golfing. They told him. He did not tweet out that info. He kept golfing. People thought they & their families were going to die FOR 38 MINS. Then when the panic was over he tweeted how media is so mean to him

AT&T: We are giving all our workers a $1K bonus! TRUMP: See, I told you, my corporate tax cut is working!!! [3 days later] AT&T: Oh yeah, and we are also laying off 1,000+ workers. And probably a lot more next year TRUMP: [Out golfing]

Poor leadership would be hiding at a country club golfing while fellow Americans are suffering and dying. She's not doing that. You are.