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GOLDMAN: “We raise our S&P 500 year-end 2021 price target to 4700 (from 4300) and our 2022 target to 4900 (from 4600). The combination of higher-than-expected S&P 500 earnings and lower-than-expected interest rates drive our upgraded price targets ..” [Kostin]

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Goldman Sachs raises year-end S&P 500 forecast because of low rates — $SPX $SPY

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Goldman Becomes S&P 500’s Biggest Bull After a Target Upgrade - BBG

Goldman Sachs lifts S&P 500 target, citing earnings and interest rates

New for subscribers: Goldman Sachs raises year-end S&P 500 forecast because of low rates. Check out @CNBCPro  today.

New for subscribers: Goldman Sachs raises year-end S&P 500 forecast because of low rates.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc Buys 8,887 Shares of Large Cap Growth Index-Linked Exchange Traded Notes due 2028 $NYSEARCA:FRLG Stock

JUST IN: @GoldmanSachs  is raising its S&P target to 4,700. More here:


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Congress Takes Field Trip To Goldman Sachs To Learn How Laws Get Made

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GOLDMAN SACHS: A Democratic "blue wave" would "likely result in substantially easier US fiscal policy, a reduced risk of renewed trade escalation, and a firmer global growth outlook."

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There's been a lot said lately about our dear social media intern, Bruce. And now, Bruce would like to say a few words... #SteadyAsSheGoes  #BruceReynolds 

Given what we saw in 2016 when Crooked was given the debate questions, is anyone dumb enough to believe that the moderator of the 2nd debate, a former Biden intern, wouldn’t give team Biden the questions beforehand so they can have answers prepared for Joe in a virtual debate???

??? In other Shocking News. Moderator For 2nd Trump-Biden Debate Worked As Intern For Biden, Staff Assistant For Ted Kennedy | The Daily Wire

GOLDMAN SACHS: "We find a national [facemask] mandate could ... cut the daily growth rate of confirmed cases by 1.0pp to 0.6% ... a face mask mandate could potentially substitute for lockdowns that would otherwise subtract nearly 5% from GDP."

The Presidential Debates Commission is a disgrace 1st they chose a Biden intern that was fired for lying about being hacked Next moderator is a “former” Dem operative Now they eliminate little things like Foreign Policy form the debate to save Joe from his corruption. WTF!!!

Some Friday-after-the-close news: Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon gets a 19% raise. It's the biggest payday for a Goldman exec since Lloyd Blankfein took home $41m in 2007.

This son of a Goldman Sachs banker — literally born sliding into home plate — is calling you lazy.

Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon ordered not one, but two private jets at the end of last year. This was on top of the $27.5 million salary he took home. Tell me again why we should bail out Wall St. and corporations?