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The long-term uptrend in #gold  remains intact, even with last week's pummelling. On Friday gold closed in oversold territory. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bottom, but it’s usually a sign that a bottom is close. Gold is now $100 more undervalued than a week ago.

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Poverty, pollution and profligacy – a fast-fashion horror story that will make you think twice about buying clothes

RIDE THE HYPE JUST NEVER BELIEVE IT! In penny stocks, crypto & alllllll speculative assets, especially when the runups are all most likely due to dumb #stimuluscheck  funded Robinhood accounts LOL

Brandon Crawford hit his 16th home run and it came in the Giants' 72nd game. He's on pace to hit 36 homers this season. His career high is 21, which came in 2015 while winning a Silver Slugger award. Amazing.

I love the warm weather, making love under the silver moon wud be better AVAILABLE NOW PAPERBACK *amreading *bookclubs *romance *digitalaffair *erotica *mustread

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Silver under pressure on US dollar strength, eyes on Fed speakers

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Silver under pressure on US dollar strength, eyes on Fed speakers By @Ross_Burland  #Silver  #XAGUSD  #DollarIndex  #Fed 


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Hey guys, I’m thinking about buying Manchester United! What do you think?

One of the reasons industries are so short on cash right now is that they have spent billions buying back their own stocks instead of investing in their workers and saving for a rainy day. That needs to be addressed NOW.

Seriously people- STOP BUYING MASKS! They are NOT effective in preventing general public from catching #Coronavirus , but if healthcare providers can’t get them to care for sick patients, it puts them and our communities at risk!

We have more Cases because we do more Testing. It’s Lamestream Media Gold!

RECORD HIGH NASDAQ! It would all come crashing down, including your Jobs, Stocks, and 401k’s, if Sleepy Joe ever became President. China and others would own us!!!

Sleepy Joe Biden just agreed with the Radical Left Democrats to raise Taxes by Three Trillion Dollars. Everyone will pay - Will kill your Stocks, 401k’s, and the ECONOMY. BIG CRASH! #MAGA 

we ain’t buying shit!!! and we ain’t selling shit neither!! gang gang! #BLACKOUTTUESDAY  AF!!! @FentyOfficial  @fentybeauty  @SavageXFenty  ??????

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Coronavirus silver-linings: Jack Black is now on Tik Tok...