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Lost baby goat sprints back to his mom the second he finds his family 💜

Have a nice weekend with your goat yoga, amigos.

Looking for a new way to relax? Tap into your inner zen and try some goat yoga at Falling Down Ranch in Greenwood, Missouri. @DaishaJonesWCTI  takes us there on this week's One Tank Trip.

"Can I Be Your Squeeze?" Here's some cheerful funky stuff from the 60s to take your mind off whatever is getting your goat today. Do check out the twitter feed of @lamarr_mark  which is full of similar wonderful stuff!

WATCH: You may have heard of puppy yoga, goat yoga, but have you heard of alpaca yoga?

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You may have heard of puppy yoga, goat yoga, but have you heard of alpaca yoga? Brae ridge farm and sanctuary is now hosting classes hoping to provide joy to those who attend. @stellaacquisto  reports.

I just can’t believe they haven’t sold the AmericanAirlines Arena naming rights to a baby goat farm yet.

When we see headlines like "Putin Blackmails Trump With Underage Goat Sex Videos," or "Joe Biden Paid By Ukrainian Company To Molest Baby Deer," nobody cares about facts. They want clicks. Clicks from people who are outraged, & clicks from people nodding their heads in agreement.

Goat 🐐 is one of my favorite pivot stories. A @ycombinator  company that raised $6m as a group dining service GrubWithUs, but pivoted with $1m left in bank to authenticate sneakers. Now🦄


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These ppl found a baby goat trapped in a pit. They took him home & cared for him overnite. The next day they tried to find the owner but had no luck. While looking - they found a group of goats with the same white fur. Then this happened. Humanity.🌎❤️

On this day in 1987, a GOAT was born. Happy birthday, Lionel Messi 🐐

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Dodged 21 punches in 10 seconds and then hit a shimmy. The GOATMuhammad Ali ?

Lionel Messi joins Cristiano Ronaldo as the only active players to reach 700 goals. GOAT era. 🐐

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Man MJ had it! He had that “IT” He was chosen to be the GOAT

Never forget the GOATLeBron commercial.

Just played 25 minutes of goat simulator with @HeyViolet  wtf