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The opening of a nang industrial park has brought Abudujilili a job opportunity in China's Xinjiang. #GLOBALink 

Hold you in my hands, my "dear Earth." Hand in hand. Let's protect #biodiversity  together #GLOBALink 

A streamlined "China-standard" bullet train for the China-Laos railway has been delivered in Laos. #GLOBALink 

Three Chinese astronauts for the upcoming Shenzhou-13 mission met the press on Thursday. #GLOBALink  #Shenzhou13 

Buweipataimu, a mother of three in China's Xinjiang, is running a clothing store and has a happy life. #GLOBALink 

British ecologist Terry Townshend talks with Xinhua about his 10-year birdwatching experience in Beijing#GLOBALink 

China has exerted massive efforts in protecting biodiversity, says an Egyptian expert. #GLOBALink 

China prepares to launch the Shenzhou-13 manned spaceship, the China Manned Space Agency has said. #GLOBALink 

The China-Laos railway station in the Lao capital Vientiane has been unveiled. #GLOBALink 

What is #COP15 ? What does COP stand for and what's its origin? Here is a brief history. #GLOBALink 


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The tallest building in Shenzhen lights up to welcome Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou home. #GLOBALink 

The U.S. Fort Detrick biolab should be investigated for COVID-19 origin tracing, say experts. #GLOBALink 

A video shows two people falling off a plane mid-air in Kabul airport in Afghanistan. #GLOBALink 

U.S. troops opened fire in the air at Kabul airport on Monday, killing at least three people. #GLOBALink 

For the first time the Chinese have entered their own space station in orbit. #GLOBALink 

A police officer fainted on his post in Xinjiang, China. Watch what happened next. #GLOBALink 

The joy of Eid al-Fitr turns into tragedy and sadness in Gaza amid military tensions with Israel. #GLOBALink 

A milestone: China launches the core module of its first permanent space station. #GLOBALink