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Tariff wars, regulatory uncertainty and the #COVID19  pandemic have all severely tested the global trade system. In his latest blog, @ShaunCrawfordEY  considers how we got here and why a currency of #trust  is vital to recovery. Read now: #BetterWorkingWorld 

Busy day - another story - supermarkets have conducted an exercise calculating the UK Global Tariff on internal food/ drink supply chain data for trade with EU (obv zero now), which would happen in Jan with no EU trade deal - total cost £3.1bn, prices up:

The UK will lead by example and lift tariffs on critical products from January 1st under our independent Global Tariff. 2/2

'Go ahead': Palace dares EU to revoke tariff perks during global health crisis

'Go ahead': Palace dares EU to revoke tariff perks during global health crisis

The global ratings agency said Airtel’s core India mobile business has benefited from a combination of reduced competition, steady 4G customer adds and tariff hikes taken last December.

Why increment in pump price of fuel at a time when crude oil prices are nosediving in the global market and electricity tariff in a season when majority of Nigerians are without meters?

The UK Global Tariff was developed following a public consultation that saw 1,300+ responses. It is made with 3 key things in mind: ✅ What works for UK consumers ✅ What works for UK businesses ✅ What will help developing countries Find out more:

Modi is repeating the earlier error he made in 2014/15 of raising tariff duties on basic industrial raw materials like steel, Aluminium, cement, textiles which create a high cost domestic economy that simply cannot compete in global/export markets even if otherwise competitive.

On Monday Modi says we must prepare to attract global chains. On Tuesday he speaks of “atmamnirbharta” behind high tariff walls that would every global chai out of business. We are also very confused about how to price Dollars in domestic markets & the effect that has on tariffs.


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The EU fires a warning shot at China over its global trade ambitions with an unprecedented tariff decision to counter Chinese subsidies to exporters

Trump’s tariff wars blamed as US plummets to tenth place in global trade competitiveness: report

President Trump's tariff threats against China sank stocks on Thursday, pushing the S&P 500 to its 4th consecutive daily decline and reinvigorating investor worries about the outlook for the global economy

@CortesSteve : With this tariff maneuver, President Trump shows seriousness about implementing one of his 2016 messages: that global movement is marked by sovereignty, economic nationalism, and the diffusion of power.

In a government system with checks and balances, the President should not have the power to unilaterally levy or alter tariffs. Congress needs to re-engage in the tariff process, which is why I’ve introduced the Global Trade Accountability Act.

Not sure why Indian markets seem so perturbed by the threat of global tariff wars.Small, export focused countries stand to lose. Countries with large domestic economies can easily withstand tariff threats. The world needs access to the fastest-growing large economy—India.(1/3)

EXCLUSIVE: EU considering setting duties on about $3.5 billion of U.S. imports if Trump goes ahead with global import tariff plan - sources

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If Donald Trump whacked a 45% tariff on Chinese goods the collateral damage to the global economy would be immense

Mexico has agreements with 44 countries, giving automakers access to half the global car market tariff-free. The U.S. covers 20 countries.