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'The government keeps on talking about being world-beating in all kinds of areas, why can't we ever hear them talking about world-beating on childcare?' Journalist Jonathan Lis says the way childcare is treated in the UK is a 'national scandal'. @jonlis1  | @IainDale 

$LEN beating expectations on earnings! @GuyAdami  says it's important to trade the homebuilders to the long side. @timseymour  and @CourtneyDoming  weigh in.

While this year's #Oscars  ceremony seemed to go off without a hitch, things were quite literally up in the air for host Jimmy Kimmel until the very last moment.

CMT Music Awards announces performers for first-ever Austin ceremony

This luxurious Caledon forest retreat comes with a sprawling outdoor terrace, a basement movie theatre and an infrared sauna

It’s been two days since the 95th Academy Awards ceremony, and while it was nowhere near as eventful as last year’s slap-inducing event, at least one moment continues to … stick out.

St. Paul man sentenced for fatally beating man last summer in Fargo.

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Iowa City Police have charged a man for allegedly beating a person with a baseball bat, and for spitting on an officer while being arrested for being publicly intoxicated.

SentinelOne $S just reported earnings EPS of -$0.13 beating expectations of -$0.16 Revenue of $126.1M beating expectations of $124.66M

'A true Midway Giant': Dinwiddie school holds playground dedication ceremony


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Ohio right now That's a giant cloud of polyvinyl chloride and a ton of other bad chemicals The local police blew it up like a beached whale, now megatoxins are Chernobyling Ohio and there's a news blackout and the police are beating reporters and camera people and dragging em

Outrageously disrespectful to Qatar that the BBC didn’t broadcast the World Cup opening ceremony, and instead put out more virtue-signalling guff about how awful it is. If they’re that appalled, they should bring home their vast army of employees & spare us this absurd hypocrisy.

Morgan Freeman and BTS star Jung Kook at the FIFA World Cup ceremony! ⚽

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Truth Social is currently beating Twitter & TikTok on the Apple Store

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The hypocrisy of the Trump thuggery can be epitomized by a seditious rioter beating a police officer at the Capitol with an American flag. It was never about the flag, or “blue lives matter.” These were mere props in a movement fueled by power, injustice, and racism.

"It was nice to perform @olympics  and meet all the athletes!" @weareoneEXO  #ClosingCeremony  #EXO  #엑소

The Spanish police are now beating up Catalan firefighters. This is an absolute shocker. #CatalanReferendum