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Glenn Simpson and his girlfriend, Nini Shamos, founded the Radical Art Directive, known as RAD, where people express their recovery in art. He hopes sharing his story and 'recovering out loud' will help others.

@nycsouthpaw  Yes, I'm sure it was as pro forma as a rubber stamp (though there have been plenty of concerns about political influence in PPP), but there's an irony that the Trump administration might have saved Glenn Simpson's company.

FUSION GPS partners PETER FRITSCH & TOM CATAN pled the 5th in their appearances before @House Intel . * Yet Fritsch later published a book he co-wrote with GLENN SIMPSON on the very subjects investigated by the Intel committee.

Judge Liam O'Grady's two-page order made short work of Nunes' suit, which sought $9.9 million in damages from Fusion GPS, its founder Glenn Simpson and a nonprofit watchdog group, Campaign for Accountability. via @politico 

Some of those interviewed... *Trump campaign figures @GeorgePapa19  @carterwpage  Sam Clovis *People who know Steele Glenn Simpson (Fusion GPS) Sir Andrew Wood Graham Davies

Fusion GPS’s Glenn Simpson Has No Remorse For Carter Page

Fusion GPS! A name that will forever be linked with the Russia/Trump nexus, the Steele dossier & furor surrounding it. In a new #AxeFiles  up this AM, I sit down with Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch, the firm’s co-founders and authors of Crime in Progress.

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@MariaBartiromo  The investigation happened before July 2016. The IG report says Glenn Simpson hired Steele in May 2016. Exculpatory evidence was withheld. The lies are real and people will be prosecuted. These are crimes against @carterwpage  and a sitting president.

Fusion GPS' Glenn Simpson on the Steele dossier, the FBI's Trump investigation, and life as a Fox News pinata


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Now we find out that Adam Schiff was spending time together in Aspen with Glenn Simpson of GPS Fusion, who wrote the fake and discredited Dossier, even though Simpson was testifying before Schiff. John Solomon of

.: -Meets with Glenn Simpson, who hired Nellie Ohr and Chris Steele and paid for the Dossier -Doesn’t disclose the meeting -Says there’s nothing wrong REMEMBER: Schiff demanded that Nunes be investigated for meeting with administration officials. Double standard?

-Clinton campaign hires Perkins Coie -Perkins Coie hires Glenn Simpson -Simpson hires Chris Steele and Nellie Ohr -Steele funnels #FakeNews  Dossier to Nellie’s husband Bruce -Bruce gives it to FBI -FBI uses it to spy on President’s campaign And today Glenn Simpson took the 5th.

Still haven’t received from DOJ: -McCabe memos -Rosenstein 8/2/17 memo altering scope of Mueller probe -Unredacted Page FISA App -Bruce Ohr 302’s -Briefing from US Attorney John Huber And now Rosenstein won’t testify and Glenn Simpson takes the 5th.

Schiff meets with Glenn Simpson in Colorado. Schiff tried to block Congress from getting bank records of Simpson’s company Fusion GPS. Those bank records showed Clinton campaign (working through Perkins Coie) was paying Fusion for the dirty Dossier.

Turns out @RepAdamSchiff  knew about the so-called “whistleblower complaint” before it was even filed. This fits a trend: -He met Glenn Simpson in Aspen last summer -His team prepped Michael Cohen for over 10 hours before that hearing And now this.

The American people deserve the opportunity to see the transcript of the Judiciary Committee’s interview with Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson. Read it for yourself:

Why did fail to disclose that he met with Glenn Simpson (whose Dossier oppo research was funded by the Clinton campaign) in Aspen?

. launches a massive fishing expedition, sends 81 letters to over 60 people. But he didn’t include the 2 most important people: -Glenn Simpson (who Clinton paid for the Dossier) -Christopher Steele (the foreigner Glenn Simpson paid to write the Dossier)

You know we’re getting close when first Rosenstein is a no-show, and now Glenn Simpson is taking the 5th.