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Spending the pandemic back home with her parents in Des Peres, comedian glaser'>Nikki Glaser is reliving her childhood through her father's music.

San Francisco is the first police department in the country to prohibit the release of mug shots in most cases, according to glaser'>Jack Glaser, a UC-Berkeley public policy professor. "It holds the promise of being a national model for other police departments to follow," he said.

As the Voice's design director in the 1970s, glaser'>Milton Glaser brought the paper's editorial look up to speed. R.C. Baker's looks back on the tenure of the New York icon, who died last week at age 91

Playing window to window, E.J. Glaser finds appreciative audiences at retirement homes

Yes, of course glaser'>Milton Glaser loved NY, @TalyaZax  writes in this cultural appreciation. This love “was a means for him to insert himself in and change the city, the complexities of which he understood with rare clarity.”  via @jdforward 


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glaser'>Milton Glaser, the legendary graphic designer who co-founded New York Magazine and created the "I❤NY" logo, has died at the age of 91

glaser'>Milton Glaser, a graphic designer who changed the vocabulary of American visual culture in the 1960s and ’70s and created the “I ♥ NY” logo, died on Friday, his 91st birthday.

glaser'>Milton Glaser, the man who designed the iconic "I ♥ NY" logo, has died at 91. Glaser did the design free of charge at a time when crime and budget troubles tarred New York state’s image.

glaser'>Milton Glaser, the designer who created the “I (HEART) NY” logo and the famous Bob Dylan poster with psychedelic hair, has died on Friday, his 91st birthday. His wife tells The New York Times the cause was a stroke, and he had renal failure.

What Milton Glaser gave to New York will long survive him. I❤️New York was the perfect logo at the time he created it and remains so today. We lost a brilliant designer and a great New Yorker.

glaser'>Milton Glaser, co-founder of New York Magazine and famed graphic designer behind the 'I ❤️ NY' logo, has died, according to the magazine

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Nikki Glaser Apologizes to Taylor Swift for Body Shaming Comments Included in Miss Americana