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“Let’s just be cautious because there are some hurdles that we’ve got to go through.” Former deputy chief medical officer, gina radford'>Prof Gina Radford says data from the Pfizer vaccine is “positive news” but explains that there are challenges ahead. #KayBurley 

"Everyone wants to get out of this lockdown as quickly as we can. But let's be clear, this will only buy us a temporary reduction. gina radford'>Rev Prof Gina Radford tells #KayBurley  the national lockdown will be "at least" four weeks long.

#Coronavirus : gina radford'>Rev Professor Gina Radford, former deputy chief medical officer, says the country has come to a point where 'we have to act quite quickly' because 'we can not continue to allow this rate of growth' in cases. Latest o #COVID19  :

UK is "very, very likely" to go into a full national lockdown. Ex-deputy chief medical officer, Gina Radford, questions the effectiveness of the tier system and says an 'additional tier" is being considered to combat the spread of #COVID19 . #KayBurley 

‘We all need hope at the moment.’ gina radford'>Professor Gina Radford says it’s key to make sure hope is 'not unrealistic' and that next summer is the most realistic timescale for a vaccine. She explains it will take a long time to get the vaccine through to the whole population.

"I'm afraid I think this was inevitable." Former deputy chief medical officer, gina radford'>Professor Gina Radford says England's rise in #coronavirus  figures are "dictating" the change to lockdown rules. More on this story:


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Coronavirus update: 'There is no need to panic. For as long as we can we need to go about our lives as normally as possible.’ Former deputy chief medical officer turned Devon vicar Gina Radford says the public need to keep calm. Devon is the worst affected part of the country

“The tragedy is far too many women diagnosed with cervical cancer could have prevented it if they had a screen.” Deputy CMO gina radford'>Professor Gina Radford urges all women to get a smear test when invited ? #CervicalCancerPreventionWeek  #SmearForSmear 

Gina Radford, deputy CMO, said: "There is a clear link between physical inactivity and economic inequalities. This is a global issue, we need to work together -- this needs to change. " #ISPAH2018 

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