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The town hall will feature special presidential envoy for climate John Kerry, White House national climate advisor Gina McCarthy, EPA Administrator Michael Regan and Energy Sec. Jennifer Granholm answering questions about the Biden-Harris climate policy.

Gina McCarthy on John Kerry: "He's an Eveready Bunny [sic] that floats around the world & bothers every other world leader asking them what they're going to do" on climate. (Technically the special presidential envoy for climate may be an Energizer Bunny)

An unlikely duo is steering President Joe Biden's efforts to restore U.S. credibility on fighting climate change: a patrician former presidential candidate and a plain-speaking, long-time civil servant – John Kerry and Gina McCarthy by @jeffmason1 


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Gina McCarthy, the White House climate advisor, on @NewsHour  now tells @JudyWoodruff  that the new Biden climate policies will aim not to leave any communities behind. She insists the nation can have “good union jobs” and fight global warming and that it’s not a “zero sum game.”

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“It’s a big day for Boston in the briefing room,” Jen Psaki says as she introduces John Kerry of Beacon Hill and Gina McCarthy of Dorchester. “It’s a big day for Boston every day,” McCarthy says.

"Let's be bold. Let's not think about the past. Let's think about the future. Let's be hopeful again. And for crying out loud, respect the science,” WH gina mccarthy'>Climate Adviser Gina McCarthy says of Pres. Biden’s recent executive orders tackling climate change.

Biden admin’s National Climate Adviser Gina McCarthy says “climate change is “the most significant public health challenge of our time.”

I'm proud to talk with President-elect Biden's climate nominees I'll fight side-by-side with Rep. Deb Haaland, Jennifer Granholm, Michael Regan, Brenda Mallory, Gina McCarthy, & Ali Zaidi for a bold climate agenda to tackle the climate crisis and undo Trump's disastrous policies

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President-elect Joe Biden will name former EPA chief Gina McCarthy as the White House climate czar, his top domestic climate coordinator

Gina McCarthy is a smart, tough, hard-working New Englander. I look forward to helping her do what needs to be done to avoid climate catastrophe. Time is short.

President-elect Joe Biden is expected to pick Gina McCarthy, a former E.P.A. administrator who helped design Obama-era climate regulations, to serve as senior White House adviser on climate change.

Scoop from @eilperin  @brady_dennis  —> Biden has picked former EPA chief Gina McCarthy to be the first-ever national climate adviser, spearheading the new administration’s domestic climate policy.

Joining @sunrisemvt  's Prakash & Podesta on Climate Power 2020 board: former Obama environmental czar Carol Browner, science czar John Holdren, Secretary of State John Kerry, EPA head Gina McCarthy & former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power. /5