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Strolling Berlin, seeing Germans open carry beer, which is legal. And realizing most of America forbids open carrying beer/alcohol — but the US DOES generally allow open carrying guns.

Not having a candidate until a few months before the national election is the most American thing the Germans do

Opinion: Germany — ostensibly a nation of efficient, reliable and punctual people — is succumbing to chaos. How is this possible? DW's @JensThurau  explores why Germans are so dissatisfied with the situation across the country.

"It's very easy to view the Nazis as some kind of aliens who led the Germans astray and then disappeared... Of course, this wasn't the case." Germans are taking a new, candid look at their family history, using the hashtag #MeinNaziHintergrund .

DE Germany set a new national record with 738.501 jabs in a day on Wednesday ⬇️ Compared with 547,465 in the UK on the same day. 18.5% of Germans have had their first jab 6.4% are fully vaccinated

Good Morning from #Germany , where the housing boom continues in March as Germans are buying real estate for fear of rising rents. Europace House Price Index has risen in tandem w #ECB  Balance sheet to ever new ATHs. Jumped 0.4% in March, so German avg home price up 4% YTD.

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Treasured family pictures, Princess Anne’s memories of her father’s glamorous days, Germans at the funeral, no military uniforms to spare Andrew and Harry’s blushes, and much more. Comprehensive coverage in today’s Daily Express. #buyapaper 

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Twelve Germans suspected of setting up a far-right organization with the goal of carrying out attacks against politicians, asylum seekers and Muslims, went on trial

Twelve Germans suspected of setting up a far-right organization went on trial in Stuttgart. The group is alleged to have planned attacks on politicians, asylum seekers, and Muslims, with the aim of creating an atmosphere of fear that resembles civil war


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"I really am sorry, from the bottom of my heart. But if the price we pay is 590 deaths a day then this in unacceptable." German Chancellor Angela Merkel begs Germans to follow coronavirus restrictions in an unusually emotional appeal ahead of Christmas.

Football is a simple game, 22 men chase the ball for 82 minutes and the Germans get a player sent off so 21 men chase the ball for 13 minutes and at the end the Germans somehow fucking win.

Football is a simple game. Twenty-two men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans no longer always win. Previous version is confined to history.

If you ever wondered how the Germans simply went about their business, now you know.

Also , very sad to see Brazil go out of the World Cup like that, but the Germans were great tonight ! #GetWellSoonNeymar  #forcaneymar 

Why are the Germans, South Koreans, and Italians smart enough to have drive thru testing, but Trump’s administration has no such safety plan in place. Instead, infected patients now walk into hospitals and require ER staffs to self-quarantine. (Rockaway)

Travel advisory: Germans in Canada should exercise a high degree of empathy. Be nice, don’t gloat, give hugs, buy rounds of hot chocolate. Just imagine how you would feel if Canada beat us in soccer ? ?? ❤️ ?? #CANGER 

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“It seems that the Brits and the French and the Germans are coming around to the idea that the Iranians are up to no good!” @BillHemmer  @FoxNews 

This won't be the first time that thousands of Germans will have to lie low in Brazil for a while for their own safety.

It seems the Germans spend their time practicing football rather than getting tattoos and stupid hair cuts. A lesson for England perhaps.