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Exports are soaring of German-made machinery parts for Xinjiang’s textiles industry despite evidence of forced labor, raising pressure on the European Union to act on forced labor after having signed an investment deal with China in December.

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Nothing says social distancing quite like Dubai’s RoboCafe, where robots have replaced their human overlords. Customers can place their orders with German-made robots, who then prepare and deliver them straight to their tables

France's Minister for European Affairs Clément Beaune strongly denied allegations that the EU passed on purchasing more German-made vaccines to make Paris happy.

“These accusations are unacceptable and false.” France denied allegations the EU passed on purchasing more German-made vaccines to make Paris happy.

The @SPIEGELONLINE  slams EU’s failure to timely approve a German-made Covid-19 vaccine already authorised by US, UK, Canada etc: “Every extra day of waiting costs human lives...European approval is delayed because 27 states must take stock. This is absurd”

Meet the last 'German Khar:' The "German Khars" are a family of craftsmen known in Srinagar for their skills repairing old German-made medical equipment. Their craft has been preserved for decades, but today only one blacksmith continues the work:

Israel received German-made Saar 6, which can fire missiles, launch helicopters and deploy Israel's Iron Dome technology. Its arrival comes amid escalations with Iran

"What the Greek government is really after is a German embargo on arms sales to Turkey. Athens is deeply concerned as Berlin is expected to deliver the first of six German-made submarines to Turkey."

#Israel ’s navy welcomes the first of four German-made warships that will be at the vanguard of the country’s efforts to protect its coastline and growing natural-gas industry.

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#Israel received its most advanced warship on Wednesday, describing the German-made vessel dubbed “Shield” as a bulwark for vulnerable Mediterranean gas rigs as tensions with #Tehran  soar over the assassination of a top Iranian nuclear scientist.


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Police has arrested arrest of 2 alleged Khalistani operatives, who were preparing to carry out terror attacks killings at the behest of their Pakistani mentors&handlers. A German-made MP5 sub-machine gun, a 9 mm pistol with 4 magazines&2 mobile phones seized: Punjab Police

Front shot of two men riding in the three wheeled German made Messerschmidt, 1954. Photography by Ralph Crane.

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A sharp decline in demand for cars and other German-made goods has led to the steepest rate of decline in German manufacturing industry in more than six years.

Trump announced major tariffs on German-made cars — but then quickly added "I'm only kidding"

Syria war: Row over Turkey using German-made tanks

This is the video with the exact Merkel comments (in German), made during a campaign stop in Munich

German-made ‘miracle’ machine turns water into gasoline (VIDEO)

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German-made ‘miracle’ machine turns water into gasoline

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