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A German travel agency is selling tickets to space on board Virgin Galactic for $250,000. So far eight people have booked tickets 🚀

German TV reporter fired after caught smearing herself with mud to fake that she helped clear up flooded town

German-language street signs are replaced with Hebrew ones. Soldiers, some with Israeli flags draped around their necks, emerge from subway stations @UnaHajdari  Opinion

German cyclist Simon Geschke will miss out on the road race after testing positive for coronavirus at the Olympics.

Cyclist Simon Geschke, the first German athlete to test positive for the coronavirus at the Tokyo Games, said the result was a "big shock" because he had been vaccinated

Residents of flood-hit German towns tell of short lead time

In a narrow sense, Chamberlain was right: the fate of the Sudetenland didn’t affect anyone in England. But his surrender at Munich did convince the Soviets - potential allies in deterring a German attack on Poland - to sign a non-aggression pact with Hitler instead.

WATCH: A German travel agency is selling tickets to space on board Virgin Galactic for $250,000. So far eight people have booked tickets 🚀

Germany’s female gymnasts have debuted new competition uniforms ahead of their first event at the Olympics, designed to fight back against what the German Gymnastics Federation previously called “sexualization in gymnastics.”


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A stunning view: Sebastian Steudtner, a German pro surfer, rode a wave over 115 feet tall at Nazare, Portugal

"I really am sorry, from the bottom of my heart. But if the price we pay is 590 deaths a day then this in unacceptable." German Chancellor Angela Merkel begs Germans to follow coronavirus restrictions in an unusually emotional appeal ahead of Christmas.

Joe Biden's German Shepard, Major, will make history as the first rescue dog to live in the White House. 🙌

Trump tried to poach German scientists working on a cure for coronavirus and offered cash so the vaccine would be exclusive to the USA

No, Wednesday was not like Kristallnacht, which involved the burning of nearly 300 synagogues, destruction of 7,000 Jewish businesses, deportation of 30,000 Jews to concentration camps, and hundreds of murders, all promoted and participated in by the unified German dictatorship.

Sebastian Steudtner — a German pro surfer — rode a wave over 115 feet tall at Nazare, Portugal. I’m not this tough. Or brave. Or talented...

#DARK !! Unbelievably conceived, written and executed!! Strongly recommend watching the original German version with English subtitles ???

German Chancellor Angela Merkel: "Nobody likes to hear this but it is the truth. We are not living through the final phase of this crisis, we are still at its beginning. We will still have to live with this virus for a long time.”

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German president Steinmeier in TV address to the nation: "No, this pandemic is not a war. Nations do not stand against nations, nor soldiers against soldiers. Rather it is a test of our humanity. It brings out the best and worst in people. Let's show each other the best in us."