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German minister 'deeply concerned' about lack of progress in Brexit talks

German economy is recovering after "historic slump" in Q2 caused by #COVID19  pandemic

"The number of people who consider the [coronavirus] restrictions to be correct is growing faster than the number of critics," says German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. It's not so much the numbers that worry him, but the harshness of the argument.

German economy grows record 8.2 percent in third quarter

Kenyan Eugene Asira gains judges’ attention in German Singing Competition The Voice of Germany

#Europe : Close: British firm BP to stop producing fuel in Australia; PizzaExpress to slash another 1.3K jobs. France warned against more militant attacks on it. German retail sales fell in sep; Auto, Insurance shares↑ #CAC  +0.54 #DAX  -0.36 #FTSE  -0.08%.

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THAILAND CRISIS | THE GERMAN CONNECTION The Thai king has almost permanently resided in Germany since 2016. But protestors are inquiring if he was involved in governance while living on German soil -- a legal complication for both the king and Berlin.

Opening early helped #Pakistan  boost exports, German economy grows 8.2% in third quarter, UK house prices post biggest annual gain since 2015, and other pandemic-related news across the globe @elnovw  reports #CoronavirusPandemic 


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A stunning view: Sebastian Steudtner, a German pro surfer, rode a wave over 115 feet tall at Nazare, Portugal

Sebastian Steudtner — a German pro surfer — rode a wave over 115 feet tall at Nazare, Portugal. I’m not this tough. Or brave. Or talented...

Emmanuel Macron suggests building its own army to protect Europe against the U.S., China and Russia. But it was Germany in World Wars One & Two - How did that work out for France? They were starting to learn German in Paris before the U.S. came along. Pay for NATO or not!

Meet Buddy - the German Shepherd who led first-responders to the fire that threatened his hoomans home & lives. Dogs, bruh...??????

Trump tried to poach German scientists working on a cure for coronavirus and offered cash so the vaccine would be exclusive to the USA

German Chancellor Angela Merkel: "Nobody likes to hear this but it is the truth. We are not living through the final phase of this crisis, we are still at its beginning. We will still have to live with this virus for a long time.”

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German president Steinmeier in TV address to the nation: "No, this pandemic is not a war. Nations do not stand against nations, nor soldiers against soldiers. Rather it is a test of our humanity. It brings out the best and worst in people. Let's show each other the best in us."