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Cowardly media coverage is giving Joe Biden an easy ride over the Ukraine scandal. (Gerald Warner on Reaction @reactionlife )

Shut the pubs and ignore Tory lockdown sceptics. (Gerald Warner on Reaction @reactionlife )

President Kamala Harris is a disaster in the making for America. (In the interests of balance, this from Gerald Warner on Reaction @reactionlife  ahead of tonight's crucial - for once - Vice Presidential debate)

The SNP civil war is an existential threat to Sturgeon’s party. (So many good lines in this - Gerald Warner on Reaction @reactionlife )

Back Boris - he's raised his game, his party should do the same. (Gerald Warner with a robust defence of the PM - on Reaction@reactionlife )

Back Boris - he's raised his game, his party should do the same (Gerald Warner - on Reaction@reactionlife )

Nicola Sturgeon’s noisy bluster is designed to mask failure. (Gerald Warner on Reaction @reactionlife )

We must restore pluralist democracy and end woke tyranny. (Gerald Warner on Reaction @reactionlife )

Boris must say no to a new Scottish independence referendum. (Gerald Warner on Reaction @reactionlife )


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The SNP is spiralling towards meltdown. (Temporarily paywall down on brilliant Reaction piece from Gerald Warner on the Derek Mackay scandal.)

Farage has done the decent thing - the Tories need to reciprocate. (Gerald Warner for Reaction @reactionlife )

Meanwhile... Nicola Sturgeon crushed as Salmond pulls down the pillars of the SNP temple. (Magnificent by Gerald Warner on the other political implosion in British politics. For Reaction )

Asia Bibi case exposes Britain's craven anti-Christian elites. (Gerald Warner for Reaction @reactionlife )

The Corbynistas are not a joke - they are Stalinist true believers. (Gerald Warner for Reaction @reactionlife )

Behind the grandstanding, the SNP is in relentless decline. (Brilliant by Gerald Warner for Reaction @reactionlife )