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HR1: During today's Senate Rules Committee hearing, Sen. @tedcruz  (R-TX) called the For the People Act "Jim Crow 2.0," repurposing the phrase Democrats have used for the Georgia voting law.

Today, in the alternative universe where Republicans won at least one Georgia senate seat, Mitch McConnell offered to confirm three of the eight cabinet nominees that he's blocking, if Biden agrees to cut Medicaid by 10 percent.

On Monday, we’ll get down to the basics: Facts and Democracy. In the United States, perhaps the epicenter of this duo is in Georgia, where a close presidential election and two Senate runoffs had Georgia on everyone’s minds. 🍑

Red, Wine and Blue plans to replicate its digital and social media targeting strategies in Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. All five states have important Senate races on the ballot in 2022.

2020 Election Integrity: Arizona - Senate Forensic Audit - Previous Pulitzer Kinematic Scan Testing Video From Georgia - 14 mins Includes - Optical alignment mis-markings trigger unnecessary ballot adjudication, & more via @YouTube 

The Biden fiscal blowout is the last legacy of @realDonald Trump , because Trump actively depressed GOP turnout in the Georgia special elections, giving Biden the one-vote Senate majority he needed to even consider such radical and destructive policies.

"I think it also says that there's an acknowledgement that because the Biden Administration is within grasp of its agenda ..." @nseufot  on the impact of Georgia's flip in the 2020 election and the Senate runoff. #TheReidOut 

Biden thanks Georgia voters for sending two Democrats to the Senate. Says this is a reminder that elections matter, and that the COVID relief package was passed with their help.

President @JoeBiden  is in Georgia today to commemorate his first 100 days in office in a state that where U.S. Senate runoff victories put his expansive legislative agenda in reach. His first stop is Plains, to meet with former President Jimmy Carter.


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If Democrats controlled the Senate: - the cash payments would be $1200 not $600 - there would be $175 billion, not $25 billion, to help people pay the rent - there would be flexible money for states and cities and bonus checks for frontline workers Let’s win Georgia.

BREAKING: Jon Ossoff wins U.S. Senate runoff in Georgia, NBC News projects.

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For those considering donating to Reps or Dems in the Georgia Senate run-offs, can you please re-consider and donate that money to your local foodbank and organizations that can help those without food or shelter? Lets put Americans in need above Politics

BREAKING: Democrat Jon Ossoff wins election to U.S. Senate from Georgia, beating incumbent Sen. David Perdue. #APracecall  at 4:16 p.m. EST. #GAelection 

Think about it: @staceyabrams  getting an election stolen from her might lead to a Democratic majority in the Senate and then her being Georgia’s governor in 2022. Won’t black women do it.

Georgia, you voted in record numbers to send @JoeBiden  and @KamalaHarris  to the White House. Now we need you to show up again to vote @ReverendWarnock  and Jon@ossoff  to the U.S. Senate. Make your plan to vote on Tuesday, January 5 at .

Tomorrow is the last day to register to vote in Georgia for the Senate runoffs. Spread the word →

Governor Kemp calling for a signature audit of the Georgia ballots and indicating that he is troubled by the evidence at the state senate hearing is an encouraging step in the right direction.

The balance of power in the Senate is at stake in Georgia’s runoff election. We’ve got two great candidates @ReverendWarnock  and @ossoff —who need your support. Go to to find ways to get involved.

47% of workers in Georgia make less than $15 an hour and 71% of voters in Georgia support increasing the federal minimum wage. If Democrats take back the Senate, we will increase the minimum wage from a starvation wage of $7.25 an hour to a living wage of at least $15 an hour.