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Sierra Club's top donors include George Soros & Michael Bloomberg. Wallace Global Fund is big donor to Soros-subsidized Tides Center, Color of Change cancel culture guerilla warriors, and far-left legal policy groups Alliance for Justice and the Brennan Center for Justice). /3

Lou Dobbs hosts Sebastian Gorka a day after Gorka and his radio guest theorized that George Soros must have "dirt" on Fox News

Conspiracy theories around the "deep state," billionaire Democrat philanthropist George Soros and QAnon have become a constant fixture on Spanish-language YouTube programs, WhatsApp clips and pro-President Trump Facebook groups aimed at a Latino audience.

The Trump supporters at his Pennsylvania rally were very focused on the protests and worried they would spread. “I really believe George Soros and his ilk are behind it," one woman said. "I think they're very well trained. ... We need to stop it."

CHUMLEY OPINION: George Soros is indeed an enabler of U.S. street violence - - "And his diddling is @WashTimesndeed  having a “have at it” effect on those who would take to the streets, w/ bricks, to express their frustrations with Pres. Donald Trump."

Broke: The Jewish billionaire funding a pro BDS group is George SorosWoke: The Jewish billionaire funding a pro BDS group is Bernie Marcus

Tucker went in hard on George Soros!! Well done! USUS 🦾🦾

#ES #StocksB #NQ #VIXM  and there terrorists friend back by George Soros are going to burning down the big cities when the election is contested.

Former Trump national security advisory dreamed up a George Soros-funded ‘coup’ conspiracy that is spreading online


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What Newt Gingrich said yesterday on Fox News about George Soros' influence on many district attorneys is TRUE, documented, and must be reported. I WILL NOT play this game with Soros.

NEW: Hard fact check truth: I traced 18 of 20 Facebook independent oversight board members to political activist George Soros and/or his foundations. This helps explain why fact checks so often seem to cut in one direction and are not neutral.

Remember, George Soros installed many of the DAs who refuse to punish criminals in crime infested cities

Justice Kavanaugh just issued a tactical nuke on George Soros SCOTUS has ruled organizations affiliated with the “Open Society” lose the protection of 1A and can be treated as international threats as this impacts supporters in the U.S. and abroad. …

This story explains how Eric Holder, Barack Obama, George Soros & others spent $50 million to win Virginia legislative seats to control the redistricting process. Now they target a Texas takeover. We’ll remind Eric Holder not to mess with Texas.

Why are some in the left so afraid of our mentioning George Soros’ name that they scream anti-semitic? It IS his name. He IS funding pro-criminal,anti police district attorneys. Why is the left afraid of the facts?

So woke up this morning & posted hateful, slanderous tweets about me, Valerie Jarrett, George Soros & Chelsea Clinton — and ABC fired her. If only NBC had fired Trump when he started his racist birther movement in 2011, he wouldn’t be in the White House today.

A new report by Cheryl Chumley in The Washington Times links the accusations against Judge Brett Kavanagh to hard left groups funded by George Soros. The article points out that the accuser’s activist lawyer is also involved with a Soros group.

Good morning Roseanne - my given middle name is Victoria. I imagine George Soros’s nephews are lovely people. I’m just not married to one. I am grateful for the important work does in the world. Have a great day!