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Alabama police officer placed on administrative leave after sharing George Floyd Facebook post

An Alabama police officer has been placed on administrative leave after complaints about his George Floyd Facebook post.

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A local police officer is off the job after posts on his Facebook page about driving through protesters and suggesting the charges against the officer who killed George Floyd would be dismissed. MORE: #WCCB  #ncnews  #news  #northcarolina 

Alabama police officer placed on leave over Facebook post mocking George Floyd: .

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Alabama police officer placed on leave over Facebook post mocking George Floyd

A Metro Corrections officer was suspended for "unacceptable" Facebook posts about George Floyd and the confederate flag: | @JasonRileyWDRB 

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@bbcnickrobinson  points out to Facebook's Europe chief that its top post in the US on day of George Floyd's death said racist police brutality was a 'myth' and Flloyd was 'a horrible human being'. Facebook man: 'no tolerance' of hate speech but adds test is 'real world harm'

Steve Hatch of Facebook UK struggling to explain to @bbcnickrobinson  on @BBCr4today  why a hateful post about George Floyd isn’t hate speech


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Here are some more photos of George Floyd provided by his family. He was seen in the now widely shared Facebook video saying 'I can't breathe' repeatedly before his death following an incident with the Minneapolis police. An officer was seen kneeling on his neck.

Join us in remembering the life of George Floyd live on BET Facebook and Youtube. #BETRemembersGeorgeFloyd 

Gov. Abbott has called on Bexar County's Cynthia Brehm to resign after she posted a conspiracy theory on Facebook saying the death of George Floyd was staged

GOP chairs of 4 Texas counties have recently promoted on Facebook unfounded conspiracy theories related to George Floyd's death, leading top Republicans in the state to condemn the posts and call on some of the chairs to resign, The Texas Tribune reports

Facebook and Instagram joined Twitter in removing video tributes to George Floyd posted by the Trump campaign, citing copyright complaints

MORE: In addition to two GOP county chairs spreading racist George Floyd conspiracy theories, Harris County chair-elect shared an MLK quote on Facebook against a background of a banana #txlege 

New from @anblanx , @Tom_Winter  and me. The three Boogaloo boys arrested for plotting attacks at George Floyd protests were, of course, organizing on Facebook.

Police dispatcher in New Jersey resigns after posting a racist comment on Facebook about a black boy at a George Floyd protest.

A Long Island, New York, restaurant owner faces backlash after he recorded himself in a Facebook video calling people who were peacefully protesting the death of George Floyd "animals" and "savages" and saying he would throw watermelons at them.

Michael McConnell, the co-chair of Facebook's new (but not yet operational) @OversightBoard  "is facing widespread criticism from students and faculty after he used the N-word during a Zoom lecture on Wednesday – two days after the death George Floyd."