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Reproductive freedom means equal access to: ✔️ Abortion ✔️ Gender-affirming care ✔️ STI and HIV testing ✔️ Miscarriage care ✔️ Family planning ✔️ Contraception ✔️ Childbirth support ✔️ Sex education ✔️ Prenatal care

A 16-year-old transgender girl whose mother opposed her transition will be able to access gender-affirming hormone treatment following a landmark Family Court ruling

The American Journal of Psychiatry released a correction to a study which drew as its primary conclusion that individuals who claim to be transgender experience mental health benefits following cross-sex hormone treatments and gender-affirming surgeries.

Tory MP Sloan sponsors e-petition calling for 'moratorium' on gender-affirming surgery for transgender minors

Project Q is a hair salon providing gender-affirming haircuts and life skills workshops for homeless LGBTQIA+. Read more:

Filed in federal court this morning, the suit alleges that Arizona's policy banning gender-affirming surgery violates federal law and the constitution by discriminating against him and others, and by denying them equal access to needed medical care.

The Trump administration wants to undermine a wide range of civil rights laws through a religious license to discriminate. We’ve already seen it happen. Taxpayer-funded shelters have turned away trans people and religious hospitals have denied people gender-affirming care.

Two transgender teens have sued Arizona's Medicaid agency, alleging their civil rights are being violated by the state health insurance program's ban on gender-affirming surgeries.

I like to match up #ZeroHedge  follower comments with the outrageous headlines recently posted, for example, here are 2 of them: "Seattle Moves To Replace 'Racist' Police With 'Trauma-Informed, Gender-Affirming, Anti-Racist' Organizations"


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BREAKING: We’ve sued the University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center which denied gender-affirming care to our client Jesse Hammons. A government-owned hospital cannot use religion to discriminate or deny someone medical care for being trans.

Kamala Harris showed up to San Francisco #Pride  in a sequined rainbow jacket, but people are calling her out for her record on transgender rights, including fighting to block prison inmates from getting gender-affirming surgery:

Gender-affirming care is: ✖️ life saving ✖️ medically necessary ✖️ not up for debate Trans & non-binary people belong. EVERYWHERE.

Bigots spread misinformation about Transitioning and Gender Affirming processes in order to create fear and confusion. So I decided to go to a world expect, a top surgeon to ask for FACTUAL INFORMATION about the WHOLE process for anyone who wants to learn

Amy Klobuchar says President Trump's transgender military ban is "mean-spirited" and if elected president, she will commit to overturning the ban and provide gender affirming health care for all transgender service members. #CNNTownHall 

In recent years, taxpayers in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Kentucky have been ordered to pay over $2 million in response to lawsuits filed by the ACLU — including those involving gender-affirming health care — when courts found the state discriminated against LGBTQ people.

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Wisconsin had to pay $1.67M for denying gender-affirming care to trans state employees. Iowa had to pay $120k for denying gender-affirming care to a trans state employee. Kentucky will pay $224k for denying marriage licenses following rulings for marriage equality.

The Trump admin's transgender military ban is in effect beginning today. - About 14.7k trans people currently serve in the military - People "unwilling to adhere" to their birth sex could be discharged - People that need hormones or gender-affirming surgery could also be denied

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? BREAKING: The Iowa Supreme Court just unanimously struck down a ban on Medicaid funding for gender-affirming care, in an important victory for our clients and all transgender Iowans! Denying coverage to someone because they are transgender is wrong — and illegal.